Analyze the Problems That May Be Encountered in the Fault Detection of Pipeline Detector

Pipeline detector is one of the important equipment for underground pipeline survey. It can accurately and quickly detect the direction and location of various underground facilities under the condition of ensuring the integrity of ground covering soil. What we want to know today is the purchase method of the detector and some problems that may be encountered in the fault detection of the pipeline detector. You can study it carefully. The pipeline detector can quickly and accurately detect the position, direction and depth of underground water pipeline, metal pipeline and cable, as well as the position and size of the damage point of the anti-corrosion coating of steel pipeline without damaging the ground covering soil. It is one of the necessary instruments for water supply companies, gas companies, railway communications, municipal construction, industrial and mining, capital construction units to transform, maintain and survey underground pipelines. How to choose a pipeline detector? Here, I share my views with you, hoping to be helpful to you. 1. According to your own needs: many pipeline instruments are only suitable for some detection requirements. When selecting, you should understand the application scope of pipeline instruments. 2. Understand the test method of the pipeline instrument, whether the operation is simpler and the interface is more intuitive. 3. Understand the function of the pipeline instrument and whether the sounding capacity meets your needs. 4. Whether the configuration of accessories is complete, such as clamp (generally used for cable detection in dense areas), rechargeable battery (saving detection cost), etc. 5. The sustainable development of the instrument and the ever-changing technology are also a test standard of the instrument. 6. The compatibility of the instrument, whether the reception and transmission frequencies are wide, which is conducive to detection and expansion of use. In urban construction, urban underground pipeline data is very important. Pipeline detector manufacturers understand that many underground pipelines are troubled by aging and drawing changes during construction. At present, the detection work has been carried out in an all-round way. With the help of pipeline detector, supervise the whole process of project quality, project progress, operation safety and achievement archiving of underground pipeline detection. After the general survey, the results table will be prepared, the data function of the pipeline detector will be used, and the database and underground pipeline information management system will be established. It is a common situation for us to carry out detection in the completed area, which is a common problem in the fault detection of pipeline detector. For example, the general urban exploration work will encounter the interference of many urban buildings. At this time, it is necessary to rely on the sensing function of the pipeline detector for underground exploration. In the completed area, the operation procedure of the pipeline detector is: first, use the geophysical method to detect the category pipe diameter of each pipeline or the items of the inner bottom, upper pipe and outer top of the cross-section pipe (ditch) on the spot, and mark each characteristic point on the spot, then use the total station or RTK to measure the three-dimensional coordinates of each characteristic point, and then use the mapping software to draw the collected data on the topographic map for editing.

Analyze the Problems That May Be Encountered in the Fault Detection of Pipeline Detector 1

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