Application Field of Cable Fault Locator

The application field of cable fault locator is in the power industry and some industries using cables, especially in some complex power systems, it is very difficult to find the fault of underground cable lines. However, in this regard, the continuous emergence of equipment with various functions and simple operation can not only reduce the high cost of fault detection, but also reduce the inevitable long-time power failure when difficult to find (cable fault locator) cable fault, which brings a lot of convenience to troubleshooting. Direct buried cable fault detection in underground direct buried cable and underground residential power distribution (URD) system is a very time-consuming thing, and will cause very inconvenient power failure to users. Some technologies may also damage the cable. For some equipment with high technical requirements, its operation is more complex, and only operators with strict training can use it, which brings a lot of inconvenience to the popularization and application of this kind of technical equipment. Therefore, the selection of appropriate technology depends partly on the knowledge of cable system design understood by the designer of fault detector, and also partly on the professional and technical knowledge of equipment and operators in this regard. With appropriate equipment and professional technology working on site, it is the first step to detect faults quickly and effectively. Hammering (pulse) method many power companies use hammering (pulse) method. This technique is effective in detecting high resistance faults in a simple (cable fault locator) cable system. The hammering method includes using a pulse or impulse voltage to impact the power cut cable. When an effective high voltage pulse strikes the fault area, the fault point flashover and produces a hammering sound that can be heard by the operator along the cable surface. However, detecting cable faults often requires several hammers, and repeated shocks may damage the cable. Dear customers: the company also has underground cable fault tester, cable fault tester, mining cable fault tester and other products. You can call the company's service phone through the web page to learn more product details. Perfect and beautiful service is our pursuit. New and old customers are welcome to buy their favorite products at ease. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

Application Field of Cable Fault Locator 1

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