Buried Cable Fault Detector

Buried lines have been widely used in recent years. Therefore, many rural electricians and maintenance personnel are not familiar with the method of buried cable fault tester. If there is a fault in the buried line, without advanced instruments and better test methods, the fault can not be eliminated within the time limit of the service commitment of the power supply enterprise, which not only wastes time and manpower, but also affects the image of the rural power supply enterprise and frustrates the farmers' enthusiasm for the transformation of the rural power network. Therefore, it is urgent to be more professional in rural land buried line. Buried cable fault detector is a more effective fault detection instrument. Compared with buried cables, buried power cables have been used for decades in China. Buried cable fault tester has developed from resistance bridge, capacitance bridge test and standing wave test to flashover test. The development of the instrument has experienced the flash meter with ordinary oscilloscope tube display and the flash meter with storage oscilloscope tube display. Up to now, the intelligent instrument has been developed and produced. The buried cable fault tester adopts new technologies and processes such as large-scale integrated circuit, computer processing technology, large screen liquid crystal display technology and so on. After improving the power cable testing instrument, the buried wire fault is tested, and its effect is very good and efficiency is high. After a lot of practice, a buried line fault is generally tested. The buried cable fault tester is within 30 minutes from the beginning to the end, and the accuracy is very high.

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