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With the continuous strengthening of China's national strength, the development of power system is getting better and better. Cables have been widely used, and have high security because of their own characteristics. However, because most power cables are buried underground, it is inconvenient for people to determine the fault location. If the fault can not be eliminated in time, the resulting loss will be very serious. Underground cable fault tester introduces the underground cable fault tester, which is used to locate underground buried utilities. The basic form is divided into two parts, - one is the transmitter and the other is the receiver. The transmitter part is used to sense the signal to the pipeline or cable, and then the rod or receiver is used to locate the signal generated by the line. Can you find electricity, cable TV, telephone, water or gas pipes and tracer lines? Yes, any underground utility with metal structure and linear and preferably grounded along the path or end point can be located by any so-called cable fault locator. Did you find plastic (or any non-metallic tools)? No, the utility must have metal linearity for the signal of the locator to be transmitted downward. However, if a tracer line is buried next to or included in a non-metallic utility, the metal is metallic and can be located. Sometimes, a metal linear device (such as a plumber's snake or an electronic fish belt) can be inserted into the interior of a non-metallic pipe and positioned by applying a signal to the inserted device. What is the best choice of cable fault locator when there are many utility cables working underground and nearby? Multi frequency mode is preferred. By selecting frequency and power adjustments, this provides a way to isolate utilities from other facilities and reduce interference. Function introduction of underground cable fault tester the underground cable fault tester covers what is necessary to locate and track the path of wires, cables, pipes and conduits, whether buried underground or behind the wall. When you want to dig underground and avoid crossing buried utilities, this section contains a combination of locators and tracers to enable users to identify and mark routes and locations, saving thousands of dollars in maintenance costs. The function of cable fault tester (also known as cable fault tester) is the same as that of most buried utility locators. The transmitter is used to supply power to metal wires (cables or pipes) at a certain frequency by directly conductive connection to metal wires. Connect a single conductor of the transmitter to the pipe. The other - conductor is grounded perpendicular to the line and as far away from the line as possible. This forms a closed circuit that allows the current to flow. The current flowing through the pipe generates a magnetic field, which forms a columnar area around the pipe and represents a signal. A magnetic field is produced by an electric current rather than a voltage. The capacitance increases with the increase of conductor surface area. Therefore, the larger the conductor or pipe, the shorter the signal transmission distance. Buried cable fault detection is quite common in the actual power work, and the cable fault types and causes are also diverse. Therefore, there are enough advanced detection equipment to escort the power. Once a fault occurs, first analyze the fault types and causes, and then determine the fault location according to the fault state, Finally, the fault is handled to ensure the normal operation of the power supply system.

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