Can a Ethernet Cable Tester Work on a Pre-run Networked Cable?

You will connect in at one end with the main unit and the other with end with secondary unit. If the cable run is terminated with a female RJ45, use known good patch cables to connect to the run. If the circuit is not working then it is not live. Just make sure all equipment is disconnected prior to testing

Can a Ethernet Cable Tester Work on a Pre-run Networked Cable? 1

1. Is a networking cable and an ethernet cable the same thing?

These days the terms are frequently used interchangeably but they are not exactly synonymous. There are other networking standards than ethernet but you are unlikely to encounter them with modern equipment in a domestic setting

2. how can i stop my car security system being overided by thiefs?

No there really is not a way. over years I've found that they will break apart the dash if you use anti-theft mounts. thus causing $2000.00 in damage rather that $200-400. Just put the cheapest stock radio in the dash--and get a remote mount radio for the trunk. then disable your trunk remote button or cable. There is no real market for used stereos --they are stealing them to get $20.00. there are also pull out mounts to take the stereo with you

Can a Ethernet Cable Tester Work on a Pre-run Networked Cable? 2

3. what is Non Cable Customer and Cable Customer?

If you have cable programing, then you are a cable customer, if not, not

4. Is cable better than dish?

Dish has a better quality, except for those few HD channels on Cable. It has better interface. More channels....but - Cable's on-demand just destroys dish in so many ways. I still keep Dish Network though...I just can not seem to part with it

5. Identification of ribbon sata cable

That looks like it can be replaced without needing any special tools.To find one search "Dell G15 drive cable" and look at the pictures

6. Is there an RCA to Subwoofer cable?

Let me see if I got this right. You have red and white audio (RCA) jacks on both the receiver out and subwoofer in (and it's a powered sub). You also have a purple subwoofer (LFE, or low-frequency effect) single RCA output from the receiver, but no LFE RCA input on the subwoofer. If that's the case, the subwoofer is not designed to take a single LFE input. So, you can either keep running the two red and white audio cables to it, or you can run a single RCA (one side of the red/white cable, either red or white does not matter) from the purple jack on the receiver to either the red or white RCA input on the sub. However, this will probably give you less volume and not as good a sound as just using the red and white cables. Or, get a new subwoofer that accepts an LFE input.

7. what is the difference between amp cable and guitar cable?

If you are saying that the amp cable is the cable that goes between the amp and speaker, that is called "output" cable. This cable only needs 2 smaller wires inside the housing of the cable. If you unscrew the cable end and open it up, you can see how many small wires are on the inside. A guitar cable will have three smaller wires inside.

8. how much would utilities, food, gas, and apt rent cost a month? give average $ of what it takes to live on.?

The best place to start is how much money do you make in a month. Once you know how much money you make, then you can make decisions about budgeting. When you try to make your budget, be honest with yourself. If you know that you spend $250 on clothing, do not try to kid yourself that you will only spend $50. If you do not like cooking, expect to budget a lot more for convenience foods and eating out. Rent can be pretty variable depending on city, area in that city, and also quality of the apartment complex. One decision you can make that will help to budget for rent and utilities is to find a roommate. If you are just starting out, you will find that this frees up a lot of money for you. You can get a better apartment because you only pay half of the rent. You can have cable, internet, and other extras because you can split these bills just like your other utility bills. There really is no easy way to determine if an average cost will apply to you. Track what you spend currently, and use this info to determine what you can afford. Here's a list of categories you may want to consider. Taxes Charitable giving Savings Debt (car loans, student loans, credit card balances) 401K or other retirement Rent Gas/Transportation Grocery Electric Water Phone/internet/cable Clothing/Dry Cleaning Medical Insurance Auto Insurance Renters Insurance Entertainment

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