Composition of Mine Cable Fault Tester

1. The mine cable fault tester is composed of control part (low voltage) and high voltage rectifier, discharge and test part. Sufficient safety space shall be reserved between high and low pressure room, high and low pressure room and shell. 2. In order to ensure the safety of equipment and personnel, special personnel must operate with keys before high-voltage startup. 3. During each flaw detection or cable test, it can ensure that the high voltage rises slowly from the zero position, with the shape of high and low voltage limit. The pressure rise or fall process is controlled by the button, the voltage rise and fall rate is stable, and the operation is safe and simple. 4. The DC withstand voltage test time can be automatically carried out after digital (or manually controlled), and the test time is accurate and reliable. 5. The leakage current can be measured at any time according to the needs of the withstand voltage test process. 6. The mine cable fault tester has over-current and short-circuit protection, startup warning and over-current protection. 7. The control panel is equipped with power switch, high-voltage start, high-voltage stop, step-up, step-down and other switches or buttons, voltage withstand test, digital time timing relay, etc. 8. There are high voltage, leakage current, low voltage total current and other measuring meters on the display board, power supply, high voltage, timing and other indicator lights, curve observation window for ball gap discharge, etc. 9. Special high voltage discharge * * is equipped for discharge after each flaw detection or test to ensure safety. There is a grounding mark at the bottom of the box. Dear customers: the company also has cable fault detector, buried cable fault detector and underground pipeline detector products. You can call the company's service phone through the web page to learn more product details. Perfect service is our pursuit. New and old customers are welcome to buy their favorite products at ease. We will serve you wholeheartedly!

Composition of Mine Cable Fault Tester 1

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