Do You Know How to Purchase Cable Fault Tester

In today's society, electricity is one of the indispensable and important resources in people's life. Cables bear the responsibility of transporting electric energy. We all know that anything used for a long time may fail, and so does cables. Cable fault detector is a special equipment to solve cable fault. Xiaobian will show you how to purchase cable fault tester today. Electric power has been a necessary resource for people's daily life. The State Grid is all over the country. Due to the actual needs of cable production process fault resolution and customer site cable fault location, not only cable manufacturers buy cable fault detectors to solve all kinds of cable faults in the actual cable production process and customer use site. Power companies rely on cable fault tester to accurately and quickly solve cable fault points and quickly modify power (or communication) faults. Therefore, the configuration of cable fault tester is different according to different occasions and requirements. As a cable manufacturer, when purchasing the cable fault detector, it is purchased in complete sets of high and low voltage, and the equipment components are 6-10 pieces. In case of direct buried cable fault location at the customer's site, the handling and transportation of the whole set of equipment must be transported by a special cable fault detection vehicle, otherwise the transportation quality of the instrument is not guaranteed. There are also some special cable fault detectors, such as the railway household coat cable fault detector. More specifically, it can be called the railway single core cable outer sheath fault tester. These two configured cable fault testers are suitable for railway. According to the characteristics of railway cable outer sheath fault, under the condition of separation of cable sheath and shielding layer, The bridge method or voltage drop method is used to initially measure the grounding fault of the cable outer sheath, and then cooperate with the special receiver to accurately find the fault point. At present, the cable fault detector sold on the market is mainly divided into two types: 1. It is a cable fault detector designed according to the principle of echo method: the components mainly include intelligent waveform detection analyzer, Pathfinder, DC high-voltage generator (including console and AC / DC high-voltage test transformer), capacitance, ball gap, pointing instrument, etc. 2. It is a cable fault detector designed and manufactured according to the principle of bridge method: the components mainly include fault location bridge (high and low voltage bridge), pointing instrument, path instrument, wave reflection fault location instrument, etc. The above two kinds of cable fault detectors include coarse side positioning part and accurate fixed point part of cable fault. Intelligent cable fault tester will be a new demand. The above is the purchasing knowledge of cable fault tester. I hope it can help those in need.

Do You Know How to Purchase Cable Fault Tester 1

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