Does a Network Cable Tester Detect Damage to the Cable?

They are really just meant to see if it's cut or not. Network switches will keep statistics on lines which may indicate some type of deterioration

Does a Network Cable Tester Detect Damage to the Cable? 1

1. how to recover a lost security key using a lexsys router?

If you have a machine connected by cable you are in luck. If not, connect your laptop via Ethernet cable to one of the numbered ports on the back of the router. Using the browser of your choice put in in the address field. Unless you have changed it, that is the address of the linksys router. This will bring up a web page from the router. If it asks for an ID/password if you have changed it you will need it to go further. If you have not changed it then the ID is left blank and the password is "admin". Go to Wireless tab, select Security tab and the encryption code (password) will pop up. If is is all stars click on the box to show letters. Now, if you have just forgotten all of the stuff that has changed you will need to reset the router. There is a little button on the back, recessed a little. With the power connected, using a ballpoint pen tip, push in the button and hold it for 30 seconds. While still holding the button, remove the power plug from the back of the router and keep the button pushed in for another 30 seconds. Then, with the button still pushed in plug the power back in, keeping the button depressed for a last 30 seconds. Then release the button. The router will restart with factory settings. After the reset the router SSID will be "linksys" and it will have no security (password) required. You need to access the router now and set it up from scratch.

2. cable tv is too expensive?

great place to go when bored - work. TV does not pay u so turn it off. people who use less TV earn more $$$. if u must, google TV antennas for one that will work in your areas. rabbit ears do not work in many places.

Does a Network Cable Tester Detect Damage to the Cable? 2

3. 15 Pin Serial Cable?

A couple of our earlier generation terminal concentrator units ran on an RS-422 loop that used DB-15 connectors and cabling

4. Broken CB Antenna CABLE ?

typically, it is best to replace the cable. if that's not a viable option, then go to a CB shop or Radio Shack and get 2 PL259's that are the correct size for your coax, and a PL258 double female connector. repair the 2 coax ends via the instructions, and then connect to the PL258 use black tape (preferably stretch & seal tape) to completely cover the connectors and at least 2" past both connectors up on the coax, to keep water out re-check SWRs

5. What Is The Main difference Between Cat 5e Ethernet cable and Cat 6 Cable Ethernet Cable?

Let's say you want to play Warcraft with your buddies. A high-speed internet is what you would require for an uninterrupted gaming experience. You can either go for a Wi-Fi networking or a wired network. No doubt, Wi-Fi provides a convenient way to connect the computers at home without any unnecessary hassle of wires. But then, it is also slow and unreliable at times. A wired network, on the contrary, will enable a high-speed network for online gaming, video streaming, file sharing, and much more. Before opting for a completely wired network for your home, you should know about the different cables available in the market. Knowing which Ethernet cable to use can enhance your gaming experience. There are different kinds of network cords that can solve your purpose. The most popular ones include Cat5, Cat5e Cable and Cat 6 Cable. Each of them has its own specific qualities. However, you must select the one that best fits your purpose. All of these cables might look similar from outside but they are internally different. If you look at the text printed on the cable, you'll get to know what type it is. Here is a list of what all you need to know to select the perfect cable for your home network. Cat5: "Old and Slow"Cat5 is oldest of all the network cables. It is made to handle 10/100 Mbps speed, which means it is comparatively slow and less responsive. These cables are old and obsolete. You probably won't find them at a store but if you have an old modem, you might search for one. Cat5e: "Improved and Faster"It is the most used network cable. Cat5e Cable is better at keeping signals in different circuits or channels from interfering with each other. A much-improved Cat5e is made to handle 1000Mb speed, so it is faster than Cat 5 and provides a better networking experience. It is, currently, the most commonly used cable in new installations.Cat6: "Even Faster"Next to Cat5e is a Cat6 cable. It is way faster and much improved. This networking cord is made to support 10 Gigabit speed of Ethernet, which is huge. You probably don't have this high-speed network at your home. This cable would not make much of a difference with the speeds that we get at present. But if you are going for a new one, you might as well go for Cat6 as it is the best of the lot. What Is The Main difference Between Cat 5e Ethernet cable and Cat 6 Cable Ethernet Cable?

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