Does the LG Dare Come with a USB Data Cable Cord?

i think it does i would just go to the place where u got it from and tell them what happened theyll be glad to get you another one

Does the LG Dare Come with a USB Data Cable Cord? 1

1. how USB data cable used for transferring data from cellphone to the memory of the computer?

Well you will need to connect the cellphone to the computer through the USB cable provided with the cellphone and install the software that will make the computer recognise the cellphone, otherwise connecting the cellphone via the USB cable alone will not work (except maybe the cell phone has the relevant bios in the operating system you have running on your computer). It is this software contained in the installation CD that comes with your cellphone, that contains the required suites that allows you to download/transfer datafrom the cellphone to your computer. All you ned do after proper installation is to connect the part of the USB cable to the port indicated on your cellphone (you will get this from your phone manual) and then the other part to the USB port on your computer.

2. What Website Is More Reliable, For a LG Electronics USB Data Cable for LG EnV2 VX9100?

a good one is

Does the LG Dare Come with a USB Data Cable Cord? 2

3. what are the best deals on wireless cell, wireless data, cable and internet service right now?

AT&T is bout the only one that does that forreal everybody else has somethin missin (Sprint, Verizon, and TMobile) unless you do cell service with one company and do everything else with somebody else

4. Data cable for cell phone helpppp!!!?

maybe ur system not support or software not support so,go to lg chocolate home page and download ur correct driver and ur pc suite software.the sofware is ur sofware manually in ur phone site.......... if u think ur sofware and ur sytem requirement is correct try to connect using bluetooth or infra red

5. From where i can download LG B2050 USB Data Cable Driver?

Try looking here

6. which is better? nokia N75 or N76? or is there any other fold phone from nokis is good?

Nokia's are pretty good phones. A lot of different styles with functions and features. Nokia N75 (Multimedia Phone) The fantastic Nokia N75 for AT&T is a phenomenally capable "next generation" phone. The Nokia N75 lets you enjoy streaming AT&T TV and Radio, or surf the Web or email at near-broadband download speed. Plus, the Nokia N75 has Bluetooth, a built-in music player and FM stereo with great sound, a 2.0 Megapixel camera/camcorder, and an expandable memory card slot. With all this in a thin, eye-catching shell, you may find that your Nokia N75 spends more time in your hand than in your pocket Highlights Super-loaded Entertainment Phone With High-speed Data Download Capability Watch Streaming AT&T TV, or Listen To Streaming Radio Bluetooth Wireless Technology Built-in Music Player and FM Stereo Radio With Equalizer And Stereo Speakers 2.0 Megapixel Digital Camera Takes Print-quality Stills Record Extra-long And High-quality Video Clips Expandable Memory Card To Store Your Songs, Pictures and Videos What is In The Box With The Phone Additional Items Included - Battery, Data Cable, Charger, User Guide Advanced Features Digital Camera - 2.0 Megapixels (1600 x 1200 Pixel Resolution Max), 4x Digital Zoom, LED Flash, PictBridge Software Streaming Multimedia Support - Yes, Enjoy Streaming AT&T TV With HBO Or AT&T Music With MTV, XM and Yahoo! Your more then welcome to them. Feel free to email me at

7. Soldering a SATA-Data cable to a HDD

Actually, there's only 4 pins that matter You have 4 wires for signal, 2 per 'channel' and 3 grounds (which should be tied together anyway). The 4 bare wires on the outside of each pair/channel are ground, and any three should work.You absolutely do not want to do this without a multimeter. That said, I strongly recommend plugging one end into a switched off PC or drive and checking continuity between all 4 ground wires (on the outside) and checking each pin and its corresponding wire to ensure you know which wire is which. If you do not have a multimeter, you ought to get one and learn the basics of using it - continuity testing is about the simplest function in one. I am also not sure if trace lengths matter here, and that may be an issue. Not sure how to deal with that considering everything I've seen in the question though

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