Experience and Depth Analysis of Cable Fault Locator

At present, the cable fault locator mainly adopts the method of acoustic measuring points for various main insulation faults of power cables with medium and high voltage and above voltage levels. Dgz-1827 cable fault locator has this function. Open circuit fault acoustic measurement method wiring diagram. For simple open circuit fault, if acoustic measurement method is adopted, wiring shall be carried out according to the following figure. For various short-circuit faults (so-called metallic grounding faults), it is difficult to judge the fixed point by acoustic measurement method. Audio method or other methods can be used. For sheath failure, the step voltage method is generally adopted for straight tunnel and the clamp current method is generally adopted for trench tunnel. For various faults of low-voltage cables (usually leakage and open circuit faults), acoustic measurement method, step-by-step method and audio method can be used. Fixed point method of fault point in special cases, discharge probe of fault point at the near end of fault cable. For the closed insulation fault, the suspicious part of the cable can be manually and mechanically moved, and the location of the fault point can be determined by monitoring whether the insulation resistance value of the fault phase changes. For the intermediate joint failure, compare the vibration sound waves of the faultless intermediate joint and the faulted intermediate joint to determine the intermediate joint failure (the vibration sound waves generated by the faultless intermediate joint are transmitted far away, there are no * big sound points, and the sound is relatively small). In recent years, due to the extensive use of various rubber and plastic cables, product quality and construction technology quality, it is difficult to locate cable faults. There are usually two cases of high ground wire loop resistance: 1. The copper shielding layer of the cable produced by the manufacturer is discontinuous and has a breakpoint. 2. When the cable construction unit makes the cable joint, the ground wire connection or lead contact at the cable joint is poor. From a technical point of view, improving the principle of fault fixed-point test will produce positive results. However, to fundamentally change the current situation of cable fault test technology, it is mainly an efficiency problem. We should start from two aspects of management and technology, and simply emphasize that on the one hand, it is not very objective.

Experience and Depth Analysis of Cable Fault Locator 1

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