How to Select a Good Cable Fault Tester

In recent years, cables have been widely used in various industries. More and more equipment are used to detect cable faults, and their types and models are increasing. At present, there are a variety of instrument types and instrument names in the domestic cable fault detection instrument market. In addition to the common cable fault testers in China, they also appear in the market one after another. So, how to choose so many cable fault detection equipment? 1、 When you choose a cable fault tester, you need to know its own quality, such as whether its parts are compact and whether its whole shell is solid. These aspects can let you know what the cable fault tester you choose is, whether it has very solid quality and whether it has very strict production process, To determine whether it's worth your choice. But then again, the manufacturers still have a good guarantee for all aspects of the cable fault tester produced by themselves. Although the process is rigorous and other aspects are outstanding, it can indeed have a good test effect in testing the problems of the power system of the power grid. 2、 When choosing the cable fault tester, we should also understand its operation performance and simplicity, whether the performance is stable and whether it will be disturbed by electromagnetic field. These aspects also determine whether the cable fault tester we choose has very accurate test data, whether the operation is simple and whether it takes a long time.

How to Select a Good Cable Fault Tester 1

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