How to Select Cable Fault Test Equipment

Recently, many friends have consulted about the selection of cable fault detection equipment. Whether the matching of cable fault detection equipment is correct will directly affect the use effect of the equipment. It is only necessary to select the corresponding supporting equipment according to the cable condition of the unit to ensure the reliability and convenience of the test work. Now let the cable recognizer manufacturer introduce how to select the type. Generally, cable testing equipment can be selected according to the following principles: first, selecting perfect service is the primary factor; In recent years, due to the increasing popularity of cable test equipment faults among domestic users, domestic manufacturers and dealers are also increasing. Choosing reliable manufacturers and whether they can provide high-quality services should be the only correct choice for users to choose cable test equipment at present. 2、 Products with advanced performance are the best choice; Since it came out in the 1970s, the cable fault tester has undergone years of continuous improvement, especially the application of computer technology and high-speed sampling technology in the 1990s, which has revolutionized the performance of the instrument. By transforming analog test technology into digital test, the test waveform can be permanently saved or printed. Wave storage problem: due to the rapid development of microcomputer technology in recent years. Due to the adoption of new electronic components and new technologies, cable fault detection technology has developed greatly. The previous single waveform detection has been gradually replaced by a series of waveform processing technologies such as multi waveform display, waveform superposition and waveform comparison. Modern new cable fault tester generally has waveform storage function. Due to different models, the number of stored waveforms is also different. Generally, there should be at least two groups of waveform storage in use for comparison when analyzing waveforms. The advanced test instruments currently designed have on-site protection function. No matter when you start, you can reproduce the last test waveform. In this way, it plays an important role in summarizing and summarizing data in the office after the on-site test. In the design of old-fashioned instruments, the memory will be cleared after startup for test preparation. The test waveform will be lost and no data will be retained in the instrument. Automatic identification of waveform: the cable fault tester mainly collects and displays the waveform of cable fault discharge in the test process, and generally needs to analyze and judge the collected waveform manually. Therefore, the analysis level of the operator is required to be high, and the inexperienced operator is often unable to correctly judge the fault waveform, resulting in the query cable fault can not be handled correctly. And the existing new cable instrument has the function of automatic identification.

How to Select Cable Fault Test Equipment 1

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