Introduction of Test Composition of Live Cable Fault Tester

Cable fault tester is a commonly used cable fault detection equipment. This equipment is used with a variety of cable fault detection. Its stable performance and accurate detection make the cable fault detection more comprehensive. The work efficiency of inspectors has been greatly improved. Today we mainly explore the composition of live cable fault tester. Test composition of live cable fault tester: 1. Live cable fault tester is composed of the following parts: 1. Instrument host: cable fault flashover tester, referred to as flashover tester for short. Cable path test signal source, referred to as path tester. Cable fault point / path meter receiver, referred to as point meter. 2. High voltage accessories: high voltage pulse capacitor. The utility model relates to an AC / DC dual-purpose high-voltage test transformer. High voltage test transformer operation box. 2、 The test functions of the cable fault tester mainly include: 1. Purpose: it is suitable for low resistance fault test, short circuit fault test, open circuit fault test, high resistance leakage fault test and high resistance flashover fault test of various power cables with different sections and media, high frequency coaxial cables, municipal cables, street lamp cables, ground buried wires, etc. Specifically, there are the following types: (1) testable cables are equivalent according to voltage: low voltage cables and high voltage cables. (2) Testable cables can be divided into: power transmission cables; Control cable; Street lamp cable. (3) The testable cables can be divided into: directly buried cables, cables laid in cable trenches, overhead cables and more than two parallel directly buried low-voltage wires. (4) Testable cables can be divided into: short circuit fault; Phase failure; Low resistance fault; High resistance leakage fault; High resistance flashover fault is described in detail after fault classification. (5) If there is a cable identifier, we can find the cable we are looking for from multiple cables buried in the cable trench, that is, the cable identifier. (6) Both fault test and cable identification are conducted for power-off cables, and fault test cannot be conducted for live running cables. 3、 Introduction to the test principle of cable fault tester: 1. The host of this set of instrument is a host, which is mainly used for cable fault test. 2. It is a rough measuring instrument for cable fault distance, which can measure the approximate distance from the fault point to the cable test end face. 3. The lightning meter can measure the cable length and the propagation velocity of electromagnetic wave in the cable. The test principle of lightning meter is radar reflection method, also known as pulse reflection method. Single end test distance of lightning meter: 15km. Minimum test distance (blind area) of lightning meter: 15-20m. 4. Measurement error of cable fault tester: rough measurement error & plusmn; 1%, system (point) error & plusmn; 0.2m. In short, after accurately determining the fault point, dig a pit to find the fault point. 5. The principle of cable fault detector for finding cable path is to add electromagnetic wave signal to the tested cable and receive the signal of finding cable path through the pointing instrument. The minimum characteristic of receiving electromagnetic signal on the ground directly above the cable is used to determine the buried position of the cable.

Introduction of Test Composition of Live Cable Fault Tester 1

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