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David Shelledy, Autonomy, Debate, and Corporate Speech, 18 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. 541 (1991). Cited in the dissent authored by U.S. Supreme Court Justice Stevens, joined by Justices Ginsburg, Breyer, and Sotomayor in Citizens United v. FEC, 558 U.S. 310 (2010).

Julie M. Spanbauer, The First Amendment Right to Petition Government for a Redress of Grievances: Cut from a Different Cloth, 21 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. 15 (1993). Cited by the American Civil Liberties Union and American Association for Justice in Amici Curiae briefs.

Joseph R. Grodin, Rediscovering the State Constitutional Right to Happiness and Safety, 25 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. 1 (1997). Cited by the Supreme Courts of California, Iowa and New Mexico.

Neal Kumar Katyal, The Promise and Precondition of Educational Autonomy, 31 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. 1 (1997). Cited by Howard University School of Law Civil Rights Clinic as Amicus Curiae.

Jamila Jefferson-Jones, Airbnb and the Housing Segment of the Modern 'Sharing Economy': Are Short-Term Rental Restrictions an Unconstitutional Taking? 42 HASTINGS CONST. L.Q. 557 (2015). Cited by the Supreme Court of New York.


2. RogersSzeg polynomials of q&a tester

In mathematics, the RogersSzeg polynomials are a family of polynomials orthogonal on the unit circle introduced by Szeg(1926), who was inspired by the continuous q-Hermite polynomials studied by Leonard James Rogers. They are given by h n ( x ; q ) k 0 n ( q ; q ) n ( q ; q ) k ( q ; q ) n k x k displaystyle h_n(x;q)sum _k0^nfrac (q;q)_n(q;q)_k(q;q)_n-kx^k

where (q;q)n is the descending q-Pochhammer symbol.

Furthermore, the h n ( x ; q ) displaystyle h_n(x;q) satisfy (for n 1 displaystyle ngeq 1

) the recurrence relation h n 1 ( x ; q ) ( 1 x ) h n ( x ; q ) x ( q n 1 ) h n 1 ( x ; q ) displaystyle h_n1(x;q)(1x)h_n(x;q)x(q^n-1)h_n-1(x;q)

with h 0 ( x ; q ) 1 displaystyle h_0(x;q)1 and h 1 ( x ; q ) 1 x displaystyle h_1(x;q)1x



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Given a labelled state transition system (S, , ), a simulation relation is a binary relation R over S (i.e. R S S) such that for every pair of elements (p,q) R, for all , and for all p' S, p p displaystyle poverset alpha rightarrow p'

implies that there is a q' S such that q q displaystyle qoverset alpha rightarrow q'

and (p',q') R.

Equivalently, in terms of relational composition: R 1 ; ; R 1 displaystyle R^-1,;overset alpha rightarrow quad subseteq quad overset alpha rightarrow ,;R^-1

Given two states p and q in S, q simulates p, written p q if there is a simulation R such that (p, q) R. The relation is a preorder, and is usually called the simulation preorder. It is the largest simulation relation over a given transition system.

Two states p and q are said to be similar, written p q, if p simulates q and q simulates p. Similarity is an equivalence relation, but it is coarser than bisimilarity.


4. Inuttitut of q&a tester

Inuttitut, or Inuttut is a Canadian dialect of Inuktitut. It is spoken across northern Labrador by Inuit people, whose traditional lands are known as Nunatsiavut.

The language has a distinct writing system, created by German missionaries from the Moravian Church in Greenland in the 1760s. This separate writing tradition, the remoteness of Nunatsiavut from other Inuit communities, and its unique history of cultural contacts have made it into a distinct dialect with a separate literary tradition.

It shares features, including Schneider's Law, the reduction of alternate sequences of consonant clusters by simplification, with some Inuit dialects spoken in Quebec. It is differentiated by the tendency to neutralize velars and uvulars, i.e. // /r/, and /k/ /q/ in word final and pre-consonantal positions, as well as by the assimilation of consonants in clusters, compared to other dialects. Morphological systems (juk/vuk) and syntactic patterns (e.g. the ergative) have similarly diverged. Nor are the Labrador dialects uniform: there are separate variants traceable to a number of regions, e.g. Rigolet, Nain, Hebron, etc.

Although Nunatsiavut claims over 4,000 inhabitants of Inuit descent, only 550 reported any Inuit language to be their mother tongue in the 2001 census, mostly in the town of Nain. Inuttitut is seriously endangered.


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The semi-finals were dominated by world leader Christian Coleman, who was allowed to compete despite missing three doping tests in the year due to a technicality, and blasted a 9.88 while no other qualifiers broke 10. The last time qualifier, Filippo Tortu, made the final by .001, running 10.101 over Tyquendo Tracey's 10.102, while Aaron Brown got in by placing second behind Coleman in heat 1 with 10.12.

In the final, defending champion Justin Gatlin got a good start to gain a step on the field, except Coleman got a better start, gaining that step on Gatlin. Unlike 2017, Coleman did not give ground back, extending his lead to a dominating victory in 9.76. A new personal best, world leading time for the season, that becomes the #6 time in history, just 2 ticks behind Gatlin's best. Returning to form, Andre De Grasse closed and nearly caught Gatlin at the line in 9.90, a new wind legal personal best, though he has run as fast as 9.69 wind aided.

At 37 years old, the world M35 record holder over 100m Justin Gatlin became the oldest athlete to ever medal in 100m in the World Championships history.


6. Q... of q&a tester

Q... is a surreal television comedy sketch show written by Spike Milligan and Neil Shand, and starring Spike Milligan with a number of supporting players, usually including Julia Breck, John Bluthal, Bob Todd, and John Wells. The show ran from 1969 to 1982 on BBC2. There were six series in all, the first five numbered from Q5 to Q9, and a final series titled There's a Lot of It About. The first and third series ran for seven episodes, and the others for six episodes, each of which was 30 minutes long.

Various reasons have been suggested for the title. One possibility is that it was inspired by the project to construct the Cunard liner QE2, launched in September 1967, which was previously codenamed Q4. Another theory is that Milligan was inspired by the BBC 6-point technical quality scale of the time, where "Q5" was severe degradation to picture or sound, and "Q6" was complete loss of sound or vision. This was extended by some engineering departments to a 9-point scale, finishing at "Q9". According to Milligan's autobiography, the final series was renamed There's a Lot of It About after the BBC felt the public might find Q10 too confusing.


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Let p be a prime, and denote the field of p-adic numbers, as usual, by Q p displaystyle mathbf Q _p

. Then the Galois group Gal ( Q p / Q p ) displaystyle textGal(overline mathbf Q _p/mathbf Q _p)

, where Q p displaystyle overline mathbf Q _p denotes the algebraic closure of Q p displaystyle mathbf Q _p

, is prosolvable. This follows from the fact that, for any finite Galois extension L displaystyle L of Q p displaystyle mathbf Q _p

, the Galois group Gal ( L / Q p ) displaystyle textGal(L/mathbf Q _p) can be written as semidirect product Gal ( L / Q p ) ( R Q ) P displaystyle textGal(L/mathbf Q _p)(Rrtimes Q)rtimes P

, with P displaystyle P cyclic of order f displaystyle f for some f N displaystyle fin mathbf N

, Q displaystyle Q cyclic of order dividing p f 1 displaystyle p^f-1

, and R displaystyle R of p displaystyle p

-power order. Therefore, Gal ( L / Q p ) displaystyle textGal(L/mathbf Q _p) is solvable.


8. Quaternionic structure of q&a tester

In mathematics, a quaternionic structure or Q-structure is an axiomatic system that abstracts the concept of a quaternion algebra over a field.

A quaternionic structure is a triple (G, Q, q) where G is an elementary abelian group of exponent 2 with a distinguished element 1, Q is a pointed set with distinguished element 1, and q is a symmetric surjection GG Q satisfying axioms 1. q ( a , ( 1 ) a ) 1 , 2. q ( a , b ) q ( a , c ) q ( a , b c ) 1 , 3. q ( a , b ) q ( c , d ) x q ( a , b ) q ( a , x ) , q ( c , d ) q ( c , x ) . displaystyle beginalignedtext1.quad &q(a,(-1)a)1,text2.quad &q(a,b)q(a,c)Leftrightarrow q(a,bc)1,text3.quad &q(a,b)q(c,d)Rightarrow exists xmid q(a,b)q(a,x),q(c,d)q(c,x)endaligned.

Every field F gives rise to a Q-structure by taking G to be F/F2, Q the set of Brauer classes of quaternion algebras in the Brauer group of F with the split quaternion algebra as distinguished element and q(a,b) the quaternion algebra (a,b)F.


9. Podcast Playlist of q&a tester

Podcast Playlist is a Canadian radio program, which airs weekly on CBC Radio One. Co-hosted by Matt Galloway and the show's producer Lindsay Michael, the program is a documentary series which explores a particular theme in each episode through curated excerpts from online podcasts.

The program debuted in May 2015 as a short-run summer series, and was subsequently extended as part of Radio One's permanent regular season schedule in September. The program was originally cohosted by Michael and Sean Rameswaram, a Canadian radio producer and podcaster currently based in New York City, where he is a producer for Studio 360 and the host of its spinoff podcast Sideshow. Rameswaram was previously heard on CBC Radio as a guest host of Q in early 2015, and was one of the five finalists for the permanent new host of the program before Shad's selection was announced in March.

Rameswaram left the show in November 2015, and was succeeded by Galloway. After Galloway was named host of The Current while Michael was concurrently on maternity leave, the show was hosted for several weeks by Nana aba Duncan, until Elamin Abdelmahmoud joined Michael as the new host in September 2020.


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Just a few months after the launch, users began to complain that the drives had serious quality issues, causing them to break. The damage to its public image and warranty obligations of SyQuest were major factors behind the company's bankruptcy.

After its bankruptcy, SyQuest kept its rights to make and sell the drive, which it continued to sell directly to consumers via its website. The price increased compared to when the drive was launched, so it was primarily for businesses that still relied on the drive and people who wanted to read old SparQ disks. By October 2008, the website was no longer active.

The SparQ was noteworthy for a serious failure mode which damages SparQ disks in a way that caused them to damage subsequent SparQ drives in which they were placed. Simply putting a broken disk in a SparQ drive will cause the drive to break any new disks placed in that drive. These (broken) disks could break additional drives, breaking most of the drives in an office in short order.

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Knowledge About Q&a Tester
1. Stadion Beroe of q&a testerStadion Beroe (Bulgarian: e, English: 'Beroe Stadium') (also nicknamed The Temple) is a multi-purpose stadium in Stara Zagora, Bulgaria. It is located in the north-western part of the city, near the park Ayazmoto. Currently, the venue is used for football matches and athletic competitions and is also the home ground of the local football club PFC Beroe Stara Zagora. The stadium has a seating capacity of 12,128 spectators and it was officially inaugurated on April 4, 1959.The stadium's athletic lane meets all of the IAAF requirements to host international competitions.In October 2011, a new floodlight system and a new scoreboard were installed.The record attendance of the stadium is 42,000 and it was achieved in an A Group match between Beroe and Levski Sofia in 1972.------2. 2011 World Championships in Athletics Men's triple jump of q&a testerThe Men's triple jump event at the 2011 World Championships in Athletics was held at the Daegu Stadium on September 2 and 4.Seven made the automatic qualifying mark. The eventual winner was not one of them, barely qualifying with the 9th best mark.Favorite Phillips Idowu led through the first three rounds as Will Claye failed to make a legal jump through the first two rounds, waited until his third jump to jump 17.50, to not only qualify for his final three jumps but to move into second place. In the fourth round, unheralded American collegian Christian Taylor popped 17.96, the number ten all time jump to blast into the lead. Idowu jumped 17.77 in his fourth attempt but was unable to improve upon that.------3. Kickers in Texas hold 'em of q&a testerKickers take on special importance in Texas hold 'em, because a common winning hand is one card in a player's hand matched with a card on the board, while the player's second card acts as a kicker. For example, if one player holds A-8, a second player holds A-7, and the board isA-K-6-5-4, the player with the A-8 will outkick the player with the A-7, since A-8's best hand is A-A-K-8-6, while the A-7's hand is A-A-K-7-6.However, if the board held A-K-Q-J-3, the players would tie, because both would play the hand A-A-K-Q-J; in this case it is said that the players' kickers "don't play", or that the "kicker on the board plays". In this case, there would be a split pot.------4. Surviving episodes of q&a tester34 of the 38 "Q" episodes still exist. Through the mid-1970s, the BBC had a policy of wiping master copies of previously aired shows in order to reuse the videotape, or disposing of master videotapes altogether in order to reduce storage costs. This affected series Q5, as four of the seven episodes are now lost, and another two exist as black-and-white telerecordings only. However, all of Q6 exists, as does all of Q7, Q8, Q9 and There's A Lot of It About.Only three episodes of Q5 still exist. Episodes 2 and 3 both survive as 16mm black and white tele-recordings. Episode 4 exists in colour in its original form, and a few short clips from this colour episode appeared on the documentary Heroes of Comedy: Spike Milligan, and again on BBC4's "Assorted Q" in December 2014.------5. Clubs of q&a testerA total of 65 clubs have played in the Egyptian Premier League from its inception in 194849 up to and including the 201314 season. But only two clubs have been members of the Egyptian Premier League for every season since its inception. They are Al Ahly and Zamalek.The league consists of 2 groups each of 11 clubs. Al Ahly tops the first group, and Zamalek tops the second. The first two teams of each group will advance to the competition playoff, while the ninth team of each group will advance to the relegation play-off. The last two teams of each group will be relegated directly to the Egyptian Second Division.The following 22 clubs are competing in the Egyptian Premier League during the 201314 season.------6. Background of q&a testerThe band released the album at the time of the launch of the Criminal Justice Act, the legislation that gave British Police greater legal powers to break up unlicensed raves that gave Orbital its name. The Are We Here? single featured the track "Are We Here? (Criminal Justice Bill?)", four minutes of complete silence."Philosophy By Numbers" samples Sidney Stratton chemistry experiment from the film The Man in the White Suit."Are We Here?" samples a part of "Man at C&A" by The Specials. Track's vocals by Alison Goldfrapp, as on "Sad But True". "Are We Here?" is also on Work 1989-2002.The album was included in Q magazine's "The 25 Best Dance Albums Ever" in October 1997. It also made Q's end-of-year top 10 best albums list in 1994.------7. Kicker (poker) of q&a testerA kicker, also called a side card, is a card in a poker hand that does not itself take part in determining the rank of the hand, but that may be used to break ties between hands of the same rank. For example, the hand Q-Q-10-5-2 is ranked as a pair of queens. The 10, 5, and 2 are kickers. This hand would defeat any hand with no pair, or with a lower-ranking pair, and lose to any higher-ranking hand. But the kickers can be used to break ties between other hands that also have a pair of queens. For example, Q-Q-K-3-2 would win (because its K kicker outranks the 10), but Q-Q-10-4-3 would lose (because its 4 is outranked by the 5)------8. Fake track list of q&a testerAlthough the album has never surfaced, a fake version has been passed around the internet containing the only officially released "Q-Chastic" song, "CAT 002". which appeared on the compilation The Philosophy of Sound and Machine. Although the song name represents the catalog number for the 2X12", Grant Wilson-Claridge has stated the song "CAT 002" was not pressed to the album.On Sept 17, 2008, a Discogs user posted a review where he claimed that the most popular P2P version of the Q-Chastic EP came from a drum and bass compilation.A1 is "Translucogene" by John BB1 is "Thoughts" by The RiddlerC1 is the officially released Q-Chastic song "CAT 002" from The Philosophy of Sound and MachineC2 is "The Chimes" by The SDR------9. Graph-theoretic properties of q&a testerJ q ( n , k ) displaystyle J_q(n,k) is isomorphic to J q ( n , n k ) displaystyle J_q(n,n-k).For all 0 d diam ( J q ( n , k ) ) displaystyle 0leq dleq operatorname diam (J_q(n,k)), the intersection of any pair of vertices at distance d displaystyle d is ( k d ) displaystyle (k-d)-dimensional. ( J q ( n , k ) ) 1 max min , displaystyle omega left(J_q(n,k)right)1-frac lambda _max lambda _min , which is to say that the clique number of J q ( n , k ) displaystyle J_q(n,k) is given by an expression in terms its least and greatest eigenvalues min displaystyle lambda _minand max displaystyle lambda _max.------10. Queli of q&a testerQ'ueli (Georgian: ) or Q'uelis-tsikhe (, "fortress of Q'ueli") was a medieval Georgian fortress atop the homonymous mountain of the Arsiani Range (Yalnzam Dalar), now within the boundaries of Turkey, where it is known as Kol Kalesi or Kuvel Kalesi. Its Georgian name is alternatively transliterated as Qveli, Kveli, K'veli, Qvelis-ts'ikhe or Qvelis-c'ixe. First appearing in the early 10th-century Georgian sources, Q'ueli was one of the principal fortifications of the province of Samtskhe until being conquered by the Ottoman Empire in the 16th century.The name Q'ueli/Q'uelis-tsikhe literally translates from Georgian as "a cheese fortress", which was a source of the Greek equivalent Tyrokastron ()the name by which the fortress is mentioned in Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos's De Administrando Imperio.------11. Devriye of q&a testerDevir (Turkish) Dawr (arabic). Is a concept in Alevism translated as cycle. It is the cycle to perfection (al-Insn al-Kmil). It is described by many alevi saints and poets as Devriye. This concept goes together with Tenasuh (turkish) Tanasukh (arabic) meaning reincarnation and Tekml (Turkish) takmul (Arabic) meaning spiritual evolution. It is often described with concepts as Wahdat al-Wujud and Wahdat al-mawjud. There are two sides to creation, one from a spiritual centre to plurality, another from plurality to the spiritual centre. When somebody dies in the Alevi community the dede en people from the community say: devri daim olsun (turkish) meaning may his/her cycle be complete------12. Awards of q&a testerThe film was historically most noted for setting off a crisis in the Canadian Film Awards, when Lefebvre threatened to withdraw the film from the competition if the Ontario Censor Board did not withdraw its demand for the film's explicit sexuality to be edited. Several other filmmakers were also prepared to withdraw in solidarity, although provincial cabinet minister James Auld intervened to dissuade the board from insisting on the cuts. The film screening went ahead, but film directors from Quebec continued to perceive a systemic bias against them; in 1973, a number of Quebec filmmakers entirely boycotted the awards. This later protest resulted in the last-minute cancellation of the 1973 awards ceremony, with the winners announced only at a press conference, and the complete cancellation of the 1974 awards------13. Householder operator of q&a testerIn linear algebra, the Householder operator is defined as follows. Let V displaystyle V, be a finite dimensional inner product space with inner product , displaystyle langle cdot ,cdot rangle and unit vector u V displaystyle uin V. Then H u : V V displaystyle H_u:Vto V,is defined by H u ( x ) x 2 x , u u displaystyle H_u(x)x-2,langle x,urangle ,u,This operator reflects the vector x displaystyle x across a plane given by the normal vector u displaystyle u.It is also common to choose a non-unit vector q V displaystyle qin V, and normalize it directly in the Householder operator's expression H q ( x ) x 2 x , q q , q q displaystyle H_qleft(xright)x-2,frac langle x,qrangle langle q,qrangle ,q,------14. Viola Sonata (Mendelssohn) of q&a testerFelix Mendelssohn composed his Viola Sonata in C minor, MWV Q 14, when he was only 15 years old. The autograph score is dated 14 February 1824. The work was not published in Mendelssohn's lifetime - in fact not until 1966 - and it was not assigned an opus number. Although he did reuse one of the themes from the minuet movement in the equivalent movement of his First Symphony.Mendelssohn himself was an accomplished violinist and violist, playing one of the viola parts in an early performance of his own String Octet in E flat major, and was fully aware of the difficulties of writing for the viola. Since the sonata was not published for over 140 years, the first sonata specifically for the modern viola to be published may have been by Karl Ernst Naumann, who was born in 1832, after this sonata was written.------15. German loanwords of q&a testerThe German loanwords used in Inuttitut date from the period of the German missionaries of Moravian Church (1760s).ailvat (
Things You May Want to Know About Q&a Tester
Things You May Want to Know About Q&a Tester
An overview of q&a testerIn linear algebra, a Block LU decomposition is a matrix decomposition of a block matrix into a lower block triangular matrix L and an upper block triangular matrix U. This decomposition is used in numerical analysis to reduce the complexity of the block matrix formulaBlock Cholesky decomposition of q&a testerConsider a block matrix: ( A B C D ) ( I C A 1 ) A ( I A 1 B ) ( 0 0 0 D C A 1 B ) , displaystyle beginpmatrixA&BC&DendpmatrixbeginpmatrixICA^-1endpmatrix,A,beginpmatrixI&A^-1Bendpmatrixbeginpmatrix0&00&D-CA^-1Bendpmatrix,where the matrix A displaystyle beginmatrixAendmatrix is assumed to be non-singular, I displaystyle beginmatrixIendmatrix is an identity matrix with proper dimension, and 0 displaystyle beginmatrix0endmatrix is a matrix whose elements are all zero.We can also rewrite the above equation using the half matrices: ( A B C D ) ( A 1 2 C A 1 2 ) ( A 1 2 A 1 2 B ) ( 0 0 0 Q 1 2 ) ( 0 0 0 Q 1 2 ) , displaystyle beginpmatrixA&BC&DendpmatrixbeginpmatrixA^frac 12CA^-frac 12endpmatrixbeginpmatrixA^frac 12&A^-frac 12Bendpmatrixbeginpmatrix0&00&Q^frac 12endpmatrixbeginpmatrix0&00&Q^frac 12endpmatrix,where the Schur complement of A displaystyle beginmatrixAendmatrixin the block matrix is defined by Q D C A 1 B displaystyle beginmatrixQD-CA^-1Bendmatrixand the half matrices can be calculated by means of Cholesky decomposition or LDL decomposition.The half matrices satisfy that A 1 2 A 1 2 A ; A 1 2 A 1 2 I ; A 1 2 A 1 2 I ; Q 1 2 Q 1 2 Q . displaystyle beginmatrixA^frac 12,A^frac 12A;endmatrixqquad beginmatrixA^frac 12,A^-frac 12I;endmatrixqquad beginmatrixA^-frac 12,A^frac 12I;endmatrixqquad beginmatrixQ^frac 12,Q^frac 12Q.endmatrixThus, we have ( A B C D ) L U , displaystyle beginpmatrixA&BC&DendpmatrixLU,where L U ( A 1 2 0 C A 1 2 0 ) ( A 1 2 A 1 2 B 0 0 ) ( 0 0 0 Q 1 2 ) ( 0 0 0 Q 1 2 ) . displaystyle LUbeginpmatrixA^frac 12&0CA^-frac 12&0endpmatrixbeginpmatrixA^frac 12&A^-frac 12B0&0endpmatrixbeginpmatrix0&00&Q^frac 12endpmatrixbeginpmatrix0&00&Q^frac 12endpmatrix.The matrix L U displaystyle beginmatrixLUendmatrix can be decomposed in an algebraic manner into L ( A 1 2 0 C A 1 2 Q 1 2 ) a n d U ( A 1 2 A 1 2 B 0 Q 1 2 ) . displaystyle LbeginpmatrixA^frac 12&0CA^-frac 12&Q^frac 12endpmatrixmathrm and UbeginpmatrixA^frac 12&A^-frac 12B0&Q^frac 12endpmatrix.Block LDU decomposition of q&a testerAn alternative to LU decomposition is LDU (Lower-Diagonal-Upper) decomposition if A textstyle A is non-singular, which may be simpler to implement: [ A B C D ] [ I 0 C A 1 I ] [ A 0 0 D C A 1 B ] [ I A 1 B 0 I ] displaystyle beginbmatrixA&BC&DendbmatrixbeginbmatrixI&0CA^-1&IendbmatrixbeginbmatrixA&00&D-CA^-1BendbmatrixbeginbmatrixI&A^-1B0&IendbmatrixThis may be useful for inversion if also D C A 1 B textstyle D-CA^-1B is non-singular: [ A B C D ] 1 [ I A 1 B 0 I ] 1 [ A 0 0 D C A 1 B ] 1 [ I 0 C A 1 I ] 1 [ I A 1 B 0 I ] [ A 0 0 D C A 1 B ] 1 [ I 0 C A 1 I ] displaystyle beginbmatrixA&BC&Dendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&A^-1B0&Iendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixA&00&D-CA^-1Bendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&0CA^-1&Iendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&-A^-1B0&IendbmatrixbeginbmatrixA&00&D-CA^-1Bendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&0-CA^-1&IendbmatrixAn equivalent UDL decomposition exists if D textstyle D is non-singular: [ A B C D ] [ I B D 1 0 I ] [ A B D 1 C 0 0 D ] [ I 0 D 1 C I ] displaystyle beginbmatrixA&BC&DendbmatrixbeginbmatrixI&BD^-10&IendbmatrixbeginbmatrixA-BD^-1C&00&DendbmatrixbeginbmatrixI&0D^-1C&IendbmatrixThis may be useful for inversion if A B D 1 C textstyle A-BD^-1C is non-singular: [ A B C D ] 1 [ I 0 D 1 C I ] 1 [ A B D 1 C 0 0 D ] 1 [ I B D 1 0 I ] 1 [ I 0 D 1 C I ] [ A B D 1 C 0 0 D ] 1 [ I B D 1 0 I ] displaystyle beginbmatrixA&BC&Dendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&0D^-1C&Iendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixA-BD^-1C&00&Dendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&BD^-10&Iendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&0-D^-1C&IendbmatrixbeginbmatrixA-BD^-1C&00&Dendbmatrix^-1beginbmatrixI&-BD^-10&Iendbmatrix
5 Reasons a Voltage Detector Pen Is Good for You
5 Reasons a Voltage Detector Pen Is Good for You
A voltage detector is a quick and inexpensive method to check the presence of voltage in an AC circuit, switch or socket without actually working with it. Also known as a voltage rod, rod, sniffer or pin, a voltage detector clings to a shirt pocket and beeps or glows when it detects voltage in a conductive part of the insulation.Voltage detectors are used to repair electrical circuits, detect live neutral wires and in other situations where you need to verify the presence of electric current. These types of voltage detectors are designed for the non-contact detection of electrical circuits in residential, commercial and industrial buildings. Random contact with live electrical conductors is no problem, and the detector evaluates the voltage level in the electrical safety category for which it is used.The voltage tester Klein Tools ET40 is ideal for checking regular electrical cables, door bell sockets, lights and other devices. It has functions for displaying positive and negative DC polarity and is able to detect DC voltage currents as low as 1.5 V. In addition to detecting standard voltages and low voltages, voltage detectors and LED testers can also detect rated voltages.A good voltage tester not only saves you time, but also gives you the certainty that your electricity prices are normal. The best voltage detector pins operate in a wide voltage range and are able to provide acoustic and acoustic feedback when detecting voltage. They are small enough to be transported and provide a precise reading that tells the user whether voltage is present or not.Reinforced electronic testers (also called electrical testers, pins and voltage detectors) rely on capacitive currents to detect changes in the electric field of an energy-charged object. Non-contact voltage testers (test pins, voltage sensors, voltage testers and pins they know) are the safest way to ensure that an electrical conductor has no voltage without touching it or suffering an electric shock. They work by detecting changes in an electric field surrounding an object conducting alternating or alternating current.Non-contact testers allow you to check the voltage of a wire or device without having to touch the wire or part. A voltage tester can be used to test the presence of voltage when a multimeter cannot detect it and to measure and display the exact amount of available voltage. These testers are designed to detect the main voltage and do not provide any indication of low voltage control circuits used in the bells or HVAC controls.A further limitation is that DC voltage can not be detected with this method because DC currents do not flow in a uniform state through capacitors and non-contact testers that detect electrical fields cannot be activated. You cannot detect voltage through shielded or armoured cables, and this is a basic limitation due to the Faraday cage effect. A TONG or AMmeter detects changes in magnetic fields, while a detector uses current flowing through the wire in question, and it senses alternating electric fields emitted by AC conductors.Given the variety of products in the contactless voltage tester category, you can expect different types of NCVTs, but you can imagine that there are more contactless DC voltage testers and contactless DC voltage testers than there are regular DC testers on the market. Remember to use a quality insulation resistance tester when you need to measure the insulation around your circuit. You want a non-contact voltage tester that comes with a hook so that you can put it in your shirt pocket.I call it the voltage sniffer, but the technical name for it is the capacitive voltage sensor. It is supplied with an alligator clip, which is interchangeable with test cables, and a holster to keep it handy. It uses black magic to determine whether wires are live or not, and it is 100% reliable at all times.
Voltage Detector Pen: a History of Voltage Detector Pen
Voltage Detector Pen: a History of Voltage Detector Pen
The tester is designed to detect the main voltage and does not provide any indication of low voltage control circuits as used in doorbells and HVAC controls. A voltage detector is used to detect sockets, power supplies and insulated wiring. Unlike a tonne or an ammeter, which detects changes in a magnetic field, a detector uses the current flowing through the wire in question as it detects alternating electric fields emitted by the AC conductors.In order to reduce the potential for false alarms on low voltage devices, I recommend inspectors to use a voltage tester starting at 90 volts. I don't buy voltage sniffers that run on button batteries because they're hard to find.It costs a little more than most other voltage sniffers, but it's worth the price. I've had it for three years and it's the most reliable and robust non-contact electrical tester I've ever owned. The non-contact voltage tester is a great voltage tester that can be called Fluke, and is characterized by a compact design that is easy to use.A good voltage tester should be small enough to carry and provide an accurate measurement that tells the user whether voltage is present or not. Each time you use the tester, voltage sniffer manufacturers recommend testing with a known power source to ensure proper function.To use a non-contact voltage tester, touch the tip of the tester with the wire you test with the socket and the tip must be placed with a small slot on the front panel. Manufacturers of voltage sniffers also recommend holding a tester with bare hands and keeping it close to the body. Fluke 1AC-II Non-Contact Voltage Test Tip: A bright red beep that sounds when voltage is detected.The invention of the non-contact voltage tester described above is a kind of voltage indicator that produces a signal of limited duration when the operator switches on to turn the tester on, which is operated by the user when no voltage at the probe tip is detected. The signal tells the operator that the battery is on, indicating that the device has a light or sound source at work. The use of voltage testers consists of touching one probe on a wire connection and the other probe on the opposite wire connection.Under certain circumstances, the voltage sniffer may not be able to detect the current if you do not hold it down, as shown in the following clip. In the United States, the Consumer Product Safety Commission states that the button can remain pressed during a power-to-power cycle, causing the tester to work incorrectly.Voltage is the potential difference between the two conductors and the ground. Measured as voltage in phase, a phase of zero volts indicates that the two energized conductors are in the same phase.The reading is the product of the current flowing through the circuit and is calibrated to read the voltage in kilovolts. The test lamp, the test light or the main test meter is an electronic tester used to determine the presence of electricity in the device under test. A test light is a simple but expensive measuring instrument, such as a multimeter, which is sufficient to check the presence of a voltage in a conductor.Choose a detector that displays the power level with an acoustic, visual or vibrating signal. Find a variety of Grainger voltage detectors to test battery and circuit integrity.CAP-40 houses the battery [41], which supplies the voltage detector circuit with energy (Fig. The additional energy from the lamp and the power amplifier is supplied by a small internal battery that does not flow through the user's body.The socket tester is about the size of an electrical plug and works by plugging it into the socket. They have grooves that hook into the surrounding wires and detect the voltage of the lead wire at the point where the tester checks the contact with the socket. The tester can test voltage and polarity and check the outlet wire, but it is not able to test the circuit directly at the outlet itself.Techineer is not responsible for any import duties or taxes, including VAT, that occur when a shipment reaches your destination country, and these are only your responsibility as a customer.We approach each case on a case-by-case basis and try our best to find a satisfactory solution. After talking to a 20-year veteran electrician and testing seven leading models for eight months we found that the Klein NCVT-3 was the best model.
Why CCTV Monitor Testers Is the Better of the Other
Why CCTV Monitor Testers Is the Better of the Other
CCV testers, also known as LCD field monitors or CCTV field monitors, provide installers with an ideal solution that allows them to view, calibrate and correct the camera's video feed in real time based on the additional features that they provide. The basic feature of a CCTV tester is an LCD display (25 inch x 3.5 inch diagonal) that allows the installer to view a camera feed on the spot. If the camera is set up in a separate area, the installer must run the feed to refine the settings.Other features of video calibration include video test patterns, the brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment, video signal intensity testing and support for PAL and NTSC video. Another aspect of the functionality that should not be overlooked by a CCTV tester is the ability to work with analog and IP cameras.If you are a professional installer, you probably have heard of closed circuit television testers (also called LCD field monitors, CCTV video testers, CCTV camera testers or IP camera testers). The ability of CCTV testers to work with both analogue and IP cameras is particularly important as digital surveillance cameras become increasingly popular. A closed circuit TV tester is a handy tool for professional CCTV installers and do-it-yourselfers to set up and configure CCTV cameras from any source.NKTech's 3.5-inch CCTV Tester is a portable device designed to install and maintain existing on-site CCTV video surveillance systems. The 1920x1200 resolution allows the 5-inch touchscreen IP camera tester to display network HD cameras and high resolution analog cameras. As with all our CCTV test monitors, we offer a one-year warranty of CCTV Camera Pro.All three options can be used together, but there is a higher tendency for IP camera systems than for digital video cameras. IP cameras have the ability to contain more cameras than one to cover wide angles captured by multiple cameras and camera systems to cover everything.The warranty does not cover operating system errors caused by third-party apps. On the Software Update screen, select Manual Updates and select Apps to Update. All features, including apps installed since the last factory reset, can be removed.Send your physical sample copy of your Dreiklang order to the address above. This allows you to store your videos in the cloud with EUFy's own subscription storage plan. For 10 days cloud video storage for a camera, you need to subscribe to a 200GB iCloud storage plan for $3 a month.Prisons use video surveillance to prevent drones from selling drugs and other contraband to prisoners. Disaster management uses CCTV cameras to allow emergency services and responders to assess and monitor events in real time and video the situation to the disaster management team.The CCV technology was first developed in 1942 by German scientists to monitor the launch of the V2 rocket. With road surveillance cameras and traffic lights, cities can monitor people, collect traffic statistics, evidence and speed. The legacy of the IoT (AOT) is the Chicago Initiative, which collects real-time weather and environmental data in Chicago.It is essential to constantly clean, pre-test and calibrate CCTV testers. To ensure accurate testing, it is important to study CCTV systems and conduct tests with tools that measure the performance of multiple indicators. A man on a ladder who manipulates a camera not only walks around, he measures the video signal and evaluates the running camera.This is a quick test for the effect of measuring the input and output video signal by examining a device. The same man who climbs a ladder and manipulates a camera can also do so with other video devices such as video splitters, disconnectors, switches, route switches, cable connectors, etc.With this connector we can connect the camera to its output and check the level of the video signal. It's a handy solution for men who have a ladder to manipulate the camera. You can connect the cable to the LED cable of the monitor to check the signal.Contrary to the impression, the 1.2V voltage causes many problems when we supply the camera with a long cable. The voltage loss caused by the greater resistance of the cable reduces the value of the camera clamp and interferes with proper operation.A tester with a USB port can charge mobile devices, but does not have a data interface. Android devices, mobile phones and tablets do not support hosting of USB sticks.As soon as the power switch is in position, press the power button to switch the tester to off mode and dim the backlight. The tester wakes up when the button is pressed. When the power switches are pressed and held down, the button selects the option Turn off to shut down the device.Brush - I could use two brass rods and a set of adapters for different brush sizes on a children's apron suitable for children 3-7 years. Bust 40, "Waist 38," Length 19 "(if you have smaller or larger sizes) Girl Nautical Miss Crab Fabric Personalized Crab.Note the handmade texture of the piece using hand stamping techniques using butterflies, butterfly cookie cutters, sunflowers and sugar. Hand cut and polished for participation in 2 Mineralogical exhibitions in Finland and Sweden, this is one favorite piece of ours that will be brought with you by Etsy if you wish a shipping offer for the purchase. The buyer of IP camera test equipment writes: "It is worth every penny.CCTV testers feature a colour LCD screen, video connection, rechargeable lithium batteries and several types of colour bars for signal output. A shopper who bought a CCTV camera tester used it to test his camera before he started installing it in his home.
The Basics of Using the CCTV Monitor Testers
The Basics of Using the CCTV Monitor Testers
Our security camera testers are designed to facilitate the installation, maintenance and testing of security cameras. All our CCTV test monitors are backed by a 1 year warranty from CCTV Camera Pro.CCV safety tester is a kind of multifunction test tool for CCTV security camera installation professionals. A CCTV tester (short for closed circuit television tester) is a tester and monitor that supports the installation and installation of CCTV security systems. It is used to check if the configured CCTV camera is in the right place, at the right angle, with free view and more.A CCTV tester can be used to display video, control the PTZ, generate images and acquire data from the RS485 test LAN cable. It also has a multi-meter feature to provide AC / DC voltage and resistance measurements to provide the installer with additional diagnostic capabilities to locate localized faults.The CCTV tester analyzes the video signal and displays peak, average video signal level, synchronization and pulse levels to determine the optimum level to display the best picture and synchronization to avoid cable loss. A multifunction tester can save you time and money on your next CCTV installation. In order to ensure accurate testing, it is important to study the CCTV system thoroughly and carry out a test with a tool that measures the performance of several indicators.Once the camera is set up in a separate area, the installer must run a video feed from the camera to refine the settings. Not only do you see the camera video and adjust the focus of the variofocal lens, you also have to supply the camera with its lithium-ion battery. This means a ride up and down the ladder to mount the camera, test the cables and adjust the settings.CCV testers, also known as LCD field monitors or CCTV field monitors, provide installers with an ideal solution that allows them to view, calibrate and correct the video feed of the camera in real time based on the additional features they provide. The basic features of a CCTV tester are an LCD screen (2.5 inch x 3.5 inch x 0.5 inch diagonal) that allows the installer to display a camera feed in place. Other features for video calibration include video test patterns, brightness, contrast and saturation adjustment, video test of signal intensity and support for PAL and NTSC video.The built-in 24-inch TFT LCD display enables the display and adjustment of camera settings and functions. The display monitor can also be connected to a DVR display to allow viewing of a CCTV camera with multiple cameras. The closed-circuit TV tester is a handy tool for professional installers of CCTV security systems and do-it-yourselfers to set up and configure a CCTV camera source.The NKTech 35-inch CCTV tester is a portable device designed to install and maintain existing on-site CCTV video surveillance systems. If you are a professional installer, you may have heard of closed circuit TV testing (also known as IP camera testers, CCTV video / LCD field monitors, CCTV camera testers or IP / CCTV camera testers ).The device can be used for TVI cameras as well as cameras in HD, SDI cameras and network IP cameras. IP cameras have the ability to record more than one camera and cover a wider angle, and can record multiple cameras so that the camera system is covered. The CCTV tester is handheld for good reason, it is for installation and convenience.Prisons use video surveillance to prevent drones from delivering drugs and other contraband to prisoners. Video encoders enable migration from an analog CCTV system to a network system, allowing users to take advantage of cheaper hardware with advanced features. There are three possibilities, which are used with high tendency: IP camera systems, digital video cameras or both.Perform real-time camera settings such as focus, zoom, optimization of advanced settings such as BLC, send-up, lighting adjustment, etc. Disaster management uses CCTV cameras for emergency services and responders to assess and monitor events in real time and report the situation to the disaster management team via video. City and community streets monitor cameras and traffic lights in cities to monitor people, collect traffic statistics, evidence and speed.A CCTV tester is a portable handheld service monitor that helps installers configure the camera at the touch of a finger. Market-buying reviewers looking for a video tester or an IP camera monitor kit can get an angle on where the camera is set up and how it should work. A shopper who bought a CCTV camera tester used it to test his camera before he started installing it in his home.The completion of the CAPTCHA proves that you are a human being and gives you temporary access to the web property. It takes 10-25 working days at best, and I cannot keep it in stock according to your order quantity. Your order has been put on hold for 14 days while we await the Woods trial.
Main Features of Cable Fault Tester
Main Features of Cable Fault Tester
Cable fault tester is a comprehensive cable fault detection instrument. It can test the cable flashover fault, low resistance grounding, short circuit, cable disconnection, poor contact and other faults. If equipped with an acoustic point detector, it can accurately determine the position of the fault point. It is especially suitable for testing power cables and communication cables of various models and different levels of voltage. The cable fault tester has the following remarkable characteristics: 1. It has complete functions and can test faults safely, quickly and accurately. The instrument adopts low-voltage pulse method and voltage flashover method for detection, which can test various faults of cables, and directly test the flashover and resistance faults of power cables without burning through. If equipped with a sound point meter, the position of the fault point can be measured accurately. 2. Test accuracy. The instrument adopts fast data sampling technology with a reading resolution of 1m. Degree of intelligence. The test results are automatically displayed on the large screen LCD with small and data, and the fault judgment is intuitive. It is also equipped with menu display operation function, without special training for operators. 3. It has the functions of wave opening, parameter storage and call out. Nonvolatile devices are adopted, and the waveform and data are not volatile after shutdown. 4. With dual trace display function. The test waveform of the faulty cable can be compared with the normal waveform, which is conducive to further judgment of the fault. 5. With waveform scaling function. By changing the waveform proportion, the waveform can be expanded for testing. 6. Control the measurement cursor to automatically search along the line and stop automatically at the inflection point of the fault waveform. 7. The position of the double cursor can be changed arbitrarily to directly display the direct distance or relative distance between the fault point and the test point. 8. With printing function. Print and archive the test results.
Cable Fault Detector_ Medical Devices Will Maintain High Growth in the Coming Years
Cable Fault Detector_ Medical Devices Will Maintain High Growth in the Coming Years
The medical and pharmaceutical chamber of Commerce of the all China Federation of industry and Commerce established the medical device Professional Committee yesterday and issued the 2012 analysis statement of the medical device industry. The statement shows that the dependence of some domestic high-end medical equipment markets on imports has decreased slowly last year. According to the deployment of deepening medical reform and the spirit of the 2012 national health work conference, the statement implies that China's medical device industry achieved a total sales revenue of 68.7 billion yuan in the first half of 2012, a year-on-year increase of 20.27%, The overall requirements of this year's work are: closely focus on the central task of deepening medical reform. It is predicted that China's medical devices will maintain rapid growth in the next 5-10 years, and the industry as a whole will maintain a growth rate of more than 20%. Among them, the focus is on food safety, occupational disease prevention and drinking water safety. According to the statistics of the statement, at present, although the number of medical device enterprises across the country has reached more than 14000, the competition pattern of the medical device industry is relatively scattered. In 2012, the food safety and health supervision of the health system should pay close attention to the following aspects: first, do a good job in food safety, More than 80% of them are small and medium-sized enterprises. The scale of enterprises is small, and there are problems such as insufficient R & D investment and weak technical ability. Because of fierce competition and low profitability, enterprises can only produce medium and low-end products or provide spare parts for foreign enterprises. " The head of the association hinted.
Detection Method of Power Cable Fault
Detection Method of Power Cable Fault
1. Rough measurement of power cable fault (1) bridge method bridge method is a classical method of power cable fault location, which has a long history. Including DC resistance bridge method, DC high voltage resistance bridge method and capacitance bridge method. The resistance bridge method can only test some cable faults with low insulation resistance between single phase and ground or between two phases; High voltage bridge method is mainly used to test single-phase grounding fault or phase to phase and ground fault of main insulation with resistance greater than 10k Ω but less than megohm; The capacitance bridge method is mainly used to test the open circuit and broken wire fault of cables. The bridge method is relatively simple and convenient to operate, but it needs to know the original data such as the accurate length of the cable in advance. At the same time, it is not suitable for detecting high resistance faults. Most of the actual power cable faults are high resistance faults. Because the bridge current is very small when the fault resistance is very high, it is difficult for general sensitive instruments to detect. (2) Traveling wave method 1) low voltage pulse method low voltage pulse method is mainly used to measure the fault distance of open circuit, short circuit and low resistance faults of cables; At the same time, it can also be used to measure the cable length, wave velocity and identify and locate the middle head, T-joint and terminal head of the cable. Test principle: input a low-voltage pulse signal from the test end to the cable, and the pulse signal propagates along the cable. When encountering the impedance mismatch point in the cable, such as open circuit point, short circuit point, low resistance fault point, etc., a reflected pulse will be generated. The position of the fault point is calculated according to the round-trip time difference DT between the reflected pulse and the transmitted pulse and the pulse propagation speed v. 2) High voltage pulse method high voltage pulse method uses high voltage signal to turn cable fault into short circuit or low resistance fault instantly, so that the reflection coefficient of fault point is close to - 1, and the fault point almost produces total reflection. There are usually two basic flashover methods, namely direct flashover method and impulse flashover method. When testing cable fault by flashover method, the reflected wave formed at the cable fault point is high-voltage pulse wave, which cannot be displayed directly through the instrument. Generally, a sampler is needed to convert the high-voltage pulse formed at the fault point under the action of high voltage into the low-voltage pulse signal required by the instrument. According to different sampling methods, it is divided into voltage method, current method and voltage induction method. Wherein, R1 is the voltage dividing resistance, R2 is the sampling resistance, LP is the current sampler, C is the energy storage capacitor and B is the transformer. DC high voltage flashover method (direct flashover method): apply DC voltage to the fault cable to make the fault click through the room for discharge and flashover. Then, the fault distance can be calculated according to the transmission speed V of the traveling wave in the cable. The direct flash method is mainly used to test the flashover high resistance fault of power cable, and can also be used to test the leakage high resistance fault with particularly high resistance but lower resistance compared with the intact phase. Figure 6 shows the principle circuit of direct flash test. Impulse high voltage flashover method (impulse flashover method): due to the large equivalent internal resistance of DC high voltage power supply used in direct flashover method, the power output power is limited to a certain extent. For most leakage high resistance faults, direct flashover method cannot be tested. The impulse flashover method uses the high-capacity charging capacitor as the DC high-voltage power supply, which is connected to the fault cable to cause the flashover and discharge at the fault point to form an instantaneous short circuit. It is mainly used to test the leakage high resistance fault of power cable, and can also be used to test the low resistance, open circuit and flashover high resistance fault of power cable. The test principle circuit is basically the same as that of the direct flash method, except that a spherical gap is inserted between the energy storage capacitor and the cable, as shown in Figure 7. 2. Precise measurement of power cable fault point (1) acoustic measurement method uses the sound wave generated when the fault point is discharged for fixed point. The sound sensor detects the sound signal above the power cable. The place with loud sound is the location of the fault point. The farther away from the fault point, the smaller the vibration sound. (2) When the fault point flashover discharges under the action of impulse voltage, the acoustic magnetic synchronization method receives the electromagnetic wave and vibration sound wave generated by the discharge of the fault point at the same time, and judges whether the measured signal is generated by the discharge of the fault point to accurately judge the location of the fault point. (3) The audio induction method adds a certain power low-voltage audio signal to the fault of the cable at one end of the tested circuit. When the tested signal is transmitted to the short-circuit or disconnection point, it cannot continue to transmit along the cable, so there will be obvious signal size changes on both sides of the cable fault point. If the signal changes are detected through the receiver above the cable path, The location of the fault point can be determined. At the same time, the accuracy and integrity of various basic data of cables are also very important to improve the efficiency of fault point finding, such as cable laying direction, total cable length, distribution of cable intermediate joints, etc.
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During 15 years development, Noyafa has become the most famous brand in cable testing industry in China. With excellent production capability, reliable quality, good after-sales service, we get good reputation from customers all over the world.
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