Introduction to Relevant Knowledge of Power Cable Pathfinder

Electricity has an incomparable position in our daily life. It can be said that without electricity, our life will be a mess. However, the power demand is so large that the cable will inevitably fail. In order to remove the fault in time, relevant detection equipment is essential. Today, Xiaobian will introduce you some relevant knowledge about power cable Pathfinder. In the power industry, due to the outgoing fault of power cable, it is necessary to determine the fault location. At this time, in order to accurately find the fault location and reduce the excavation quantities and search time, it is necessary to use the intelligent cable path detector to quickly and accurately determine the cable path. There are many communication cables and TV cables in the communication industry. When these cables have faults and need to be detected, their paths also need to be determined. In order to avoid damaging underground pipelines during excavation, reduce unnecessary economic losses and speed up the project progress, it is necessary to accurately know the location of buried pipelines. Due to the incomplete or missing data of underground pipelines in the past, the urban construction and planning department can not accurately grasp the distribution of pipelines under the city, resulting in many problems in the process of urban planning. In this case, the path of underground pipelines should be detected again and saved. Because the cable is directly buried or buried in the cable trench, it is difficult to observe the cable path direction when the GIS data is incomplete. Therefore, after pre positioning the cable, the next step is to use the Pathfinder to find the cable direction and find out the approximate location of the fault point, and the precise point at the back is meaningful. At present, the commonly used cable path detection method is audio induction method, that is, add audio current signal of specific frequency into the cable, the current signal generates magnetic field signal around the cable, sense the magnetic field signal with an induction coil, convert it into sound or waveform after filtering, and display it through earphone or display, Where there is sound or waveform display is where the cable passes, so as to detect the cable path. When using audio induction method to detect cable path, if you want to get a strong magnetic field signal on the earth surface, you must make some current pass through the earth, otherwise the magnetic field signal may be weak. The power cable Pathfinder is a device for detecting the underground cable path. It not only has the function of the old underground cable path detector, but also has some new functions, and has made a certain technical breakthrough. 1. Peak mode. In this mode, the relative position between the cable and the operator can be judged and the direction in which the operator should move can be indicated, Then find the buried location of underground cables. 2. Valley value mode, which has compass function, can judge the deflection direction between the operator and the cable, and prompt the operator to correct his direction in time until the position of the cable is found. 3. The automatic search and locking frequency function can search the signal frequency when the frequency input is unknown, so as to determine the access frequency and lock it. 4. Current and depth display can display the current and buried depth of underground cables in real time. 5. GPS positioning: when the location of the cable has been determined and the current geographic location information of the cable needs to be recorded, you can select the GPS positioning function to record the geographic location information of the current cable, and finally upload it to the computer for cable data management.

Introduction to Relevant Knowledge of Power Cable Pathfinder 1

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