Introduction to Technical Indexes and Characteristics of Cable Identification Instrument

Today, we will give you the technical indicators and technical characteristics of popular science cable recognizer. Friends interested in this aspect can refer to this article. Come with Xiaobian. It is a common technical problem for power cable engineers and cable workers to accurately identify one of the target cables from a bundle of cables. This sometimes requires not only professional cable identification equipment, but also rich experience of staff. The purpose of the cable identification instrument is to avoid serious accidents caused by sawing live cables by mistake. The cable identification requires professionals to ensure that the double number of cable equipment is accurate from both ends of the cable. No matter how reliable the memory of on-site staff is, it can not replace the identification of professional instruments. Cable identification instrument is a special instrument developed according to the special needs of cable application. It is used to identify the power cut cables from a bundle of cables in cable management, erection, migration, maintenance and fault treatment. For the cable maintenance industry, the cable identification instrument is a very familiar instrument. It is indispensable to use this product in the installation and maintenance of power cables. The main reason is that it can help us provide accurate measurement data. The cable identification instrument consists of a signal generator, a receiving identification clamp and an indicator. When using the receiving identification clamp signal detector, the signals detected on other cable lines are much smaller and in the opposite direction. It is easy to determine the tested cable by indicating the amplitude and direction by the electric meter. Let's take a look at its main technical indicators. 1. Detection route and farthest fault location distance: 3km for cables with diameter less than 0.5, and 20km for other cables. 2. Fault insulation resistance at accurate point: 0-50m & omega;. 3. Positioning test accuracy: 10cm. 4. Detection cable depth: 3M technical features: 1. The transmitter and receiver of the complete cable identification instrument are powered by battery, which completely gets rid of the dependence on 220V mains power and is more conducive to field work. 2. The cable identification receiving coupling clamp adopts flexible clamp, which is more conducive to the occasions with dense cables and heavy cables. 3. Large screen color LCD display and voice prompt are adopted on the display interface, which improves the efficiency in cable recognition and is simple and easy to operate.

Introduction to Technical Indexes and Characteristics of Cable Identification Instrument 1

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