Precautions for Using Cable Identifier

Cable identification instrument is an instrument of electric power company. It has the advantages of simple and fast operation. So what should we pay attention to when using it? Let's introduce it to you. 1. During the test, the sensitivity adjustment of the receiver of the cable identifier shall not be too sensitive. 2. When the cable identification instrument identifies the live cable, it is recommended to identify the live cable by the non live method when the received signal interference is serious, resulting in the magnetic saturation of the receiving clamp and unable to receive the signal. 3. When the power supply of the cable identifier is not in use, please pop up the "test button". 4. After the cable identifier identifies the cable to be found, trial binding must be carried out before construction to ensure safety. Of course, more than these items should be paid attention to when using the cable recognizer. The so-called practice makes perfect. Just use it more times.

Precautions for Using Cable Identifier 1

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