Problems Often Noticed in the Operation of Underground Pipeline Detector

The vast majority of underground pipelines are metal materials, which can induce and transmit electromagnetic waves. With its superior performance and flexible and convenient detection methods, the underground pipeline detector has a large number of users in the fields of electric power, telecommunications, water supply, heat, gas, petroleum, chemical industry and urban public utilities, which has played a positive role in improving the pipeline management level of relevant industries in China. Problems often noticed during the operation of underground pipeline detector (1). Cleaning, inside and outside of optical fiber welding machine, optical fiber itself, and the important parts are V-groove, optical fiber presser foot and so on. (2) During cutting, ensure that the cutting end face is 89 ° ± 1 °, approximately vertical. During the process of placing the cut optical fiber at the specified position, the end face of the optical fiber shall not touch any place. If it meets, we need to clean and cut again: it is emphasized to clean first and then cut! (3) When placing the optical fiber in its position, do not be too far or too close, 1 / 2 place, proficiency! (4) Do not open the windproof cover during the whole process of welding. (5) The process of heating the heat shrinkable sleeve is called the reinforcement of the connecting part. During heating, the optical fiber fusion part must be placed in the middle and a certain tension must be added to prevent bubbles and insufficient fixation in the heating process. It is emphasized that the heating process and the optical fiber fusion process can be carried out at the same time. When it is taken out after heating, do not touch the heated part. The temperature is very high, Avoid danger. (6) When arranging the underground pipeline detector tools, pay attention to breaking the optical fiber head to prevent danger. The optical fiber is glass fiber, very thin and hard.

Problems Often Noticed in the Operation of Underground Pipeline Detector 1

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