Simple Withstand Voltage Tester, Hipot Tester

Simple withstand voltage tester, hipot tester

Key words: simple withstand voltage tester

The device can conveniently measure the back pressure of triode, diode, voltage stabilizing tube, thyristor, etc; Capacitor withstand voltage; Resistance greater than 10m Ω. The output voltage is continuously adjustable up to 1400v. The working principle and measuring circuit are shown in Figure 1. The 6V of transformer T is rectified by d5 and filtered by C3 to provide the base voltage of regulating tube Q. Adjust w to control the conduction degree of Q. That is, control the voltage of collector point a to change between 4v-1400v. The 500V voltage output by the high-voltage winding is rectified by the voltage doubling rectifier circuit composed of C1 and D1-D4, and the C2 filter outputs 1400v high voltage. During the test, the tested device is connected between a and B. When the w resistance is reduced, the base potential of Q decreases and the potential of point a increases. Until the milliammeter indicates the rated reverse current of the measured tube (the measured low-power tube is less than 0.1mA, and the high-power tube is less than 1mA). At this time, the voltage value indicated by the voltmeter is the back voltage under the reverse current. When measuring high resistance, connect the resistance between a and B, divide the voltmeter reading by the milliammeter reading, unit: Ω = V / A. Each time it is used up, adjust w to the maximum to return the output voltage to the low point of 4V. Component selection Q requires that when ic = 1a, β ≥ 5, bvcbo ≥ 1500V, reverse leakage current

Simple Withstand Voltage Tester, Hipot Tester 1

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