System Composition of Intelligent Cable Fault Tester

Intelligent cable fault tester is an important tool for maintaining various cables. It adopts a variety of fault detection methods, applies contemporary advanced electronic technology achievements and devices, adopts computer technology and special electronic technology, and combines the long-term successful experience in developing cable tester. It is a high-tech, intelligent and fully functional product. The intelligent cable fault tester is composed of three parts, which is used for the test of various faults of power cables, the search of cable path and cable burial depth, the daily maintenance and management of cable archives, as well as the fault test of railway and airport signal control cables and street lamp cables. Cable fault finding is generally divided into four steps: fault nature diagnosis, fault location, path detection and fault location. The methods of fault location mainly include: first, the bridge method, mainly including the traditional DC bridge method, voltage drop comparison method and DC resistance method; The second is the low-voltage pulse method, also known as the radar method, which is to input the low-voltage pulse signal into the cable through the instrument at one end of the cable. When the fault point with mismatched wave impedance is encountered, the pulse signal will be reflected and returned to the measuring instrument. This method has the advantages of simple operation and high test accuracy. It is mainly used to test line breaking and low resistance faults, but it can not test high resistance faults and flashover faults; The third is the pulse voltage method, which needs to apply DC high voltage signal to the faulty cable; Fourth, pulse current method, which needs to apply DC high voltage signal to the faulty cable; The fifth is the secondary pulse method. System composition of intelligent cable fault tester: 1. Host of cable fault tester 2. Cable path and fault locator 3. Cable fault integrated high voltage generator 4. Cable identifier 5. High voltage cable safety pricker 6. High voltage equipment: current sampler, cable fault integrated high voltage generator, pulse capacitor, complete set of special test line, etc.

System Composition of Intelligent Cable Fault Tester 1

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