Take Measures to Prevent Cable Failure

According to the cause analysis of insulation, accessories and outer sheath faults, it can be seen that the cable line project is a systematic project. Only by managing the whole process from the aspects of design, construction, operation and maintenance can its safe operation be guaranteed to the greatest extent. (1) From the beginning of the design, the grounding system used by the cable shall be fully understood, and the cable conforming to its voltage level shall be selected to avoid the cable working under long-term overvoltage. The selection of outer sheath shall meet the requirements of service environment and service life. At the same time, the selection of cable sheath protector shall meet the principle that the protector can reliably pass through the grounding current without damage during relative grounding. (2) The selection of cable route shall avoid the influence of external environment such as overheating, corrosion and external force damage on the cable. At the same time, it shall also avoid the influence of internal factors causing overheating due to too concentrated cable laying, resulting in the failure of timely diffusion of heat. In addition, the cable path of double circuit power supply is not recommended to be laid in the pipeline of the same path to prevent simultaneous damage and large-area power failure. (3) Strengthen the selection of cables and cable accessories, manufacturer supervision, arrival acceptance and other work to ensure the quality level of cables and cable accessories. During the on-site inspection, the manufacturer, the construction party, the supervisor and the project competent department shall be present, check one by one according to the packing list, timely record the problems found and put forward rectification suggestions, which shall be signed and approved by many parties. After the inspection, the parts susceptible to moisture shall be sealed in time to prevent moisture from affecting normal use. (4) Strengthen personnel training, conduct necessary business qualification and technical evaluation for cable head fabrication personnel, and work with certificates. In case of two consecutive failures due to manufacturing reasons within the warranty period, the cable head manufacturing qualification shall be cancelled, and it can be re employed only after passing the re training and assessment. (5) Strengthen the acceptance of concealed works and intermediate links in all links of cable engineering, strictly control the quality acceptance, thoroughly rectify the defects and hidden dangers found in the acceptance of civil engineering, electrical and other projects, make various records, and leave photos, films and other materials if necessary. (6) Advanced on-line monitoring technologies such as outer sheath circulation on-line monitoring technology, on-line optical fiber temperature measurement technology and on-line partial discharge detection technology are used to strengthen the real-time on-line operation monitoring of cables, find hidden defects in advance and avoid power failure.

Take Measures to Prevent Cable Failure 1

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