The Evolution of the Handheld Laser Measuring Device in China

The Great Wall of China, the Taj Mahal, the Roman Colosseum and the pyramids are just some of the largest and small gauges in the world in critical buildings. The development and mastery of these tools has been crucial to the evolution of the human species. Laser pointers are also used in robotics, for example, laser guidance guides a robot into a target position using a laser beam.

The Evolution of the Handheld Laser Measuring Device in China 1

Green laser pointers are used for similar purposes in daylight and over long distances. Another common use of lasers in entertainment is the special effects used in laser shows. Clubs, parties and outdoor concerts often use high-power lasers as security for the spectacle.

For example, construction companies use high-quality laser pointers to increase the accuracy of displaying certain distances when working on large-scale projects. In astronomy, laser pointers can be mounted on a telescope to align the telescope at certain star locations. Green laser pointers are also used by astronomers for star parties or lectures on astronomy.

Laser rangefinders have built-in processing capabilities that allow them to triangulate, calculate and measure distances, as well as calculate area and volume. They are accurate enough to measure long distances and display fast measurement results, compared to traditional bands used for measurement applications. With the various functions that digital handheld meters offer, the demand for these devices via tape increases.

A major factor in the growth of hand-held laser rangefinders is the growing construction sector. Noyafa is committed to scientific and technological applications of laser detection. The growing demand for digital measuring instruments for precise measurements and the resulting growing demand for hand lasers and distance meters in the construction industry is a key factor in the growth of the market for hand lasers and distance meters worldwide.

The Evolution of the Handheld Laser Measuring Device in China 2

Measuring tools continue to evolve with technological advances such as lasers. With the development of mass production of integrated circuits (IC), the measuring tapes have become digital. This is different from 100-foot measuring tapes, which are made of fabric and used to mark the exterior dimensions of large buildings.

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