What Are the Functions of the Cable Identifier

1. Left and right direction indication: the left and right arrows show the cable position, which is convenient and intuitive. 2. Tracking error prompt: the innovative patented technology of AC signal direction measurement is used to eliminate the ground wire return and induced current interference of adjacent and cross pipelines. When correctly tracking the cable to be tested, the pointer points to the front; When tracking to the adjacent cable, the pointer will be backward and a question mark will be displayed to prompt the tracking error. 3. High anti-interference: the unique digital processing method can completely suppress the power frequency and harmonic interference of adjacent operating cables. 4. Sound prompt: when it is very close to the top of the cable, there is a sound prompt. 5. Single key measurement of pipeline depth and current intensity: it can directly read the depth value and the current carried by the cable. 6. Multiple detection methods: in addition to the traditional sound peak method and sound Valley method, innovative and accurate methods are especially provided. The sensing range of the traditional sound peak method is too large, which is not conducive to accurate detection. Although the sound Valley method is accurate, it can not distinguish the parallel cable. The accurate method has a very narrow response range, is very accurate, and can distinguish the parallel cable. It is a better way to find the path in the complex area of the pipeline. 7. Two active detection frequencies: 1kHz, suitable for basic off-line detection; 15KHz is suitable for special situations. 8. Passive detection: it can directly detect the running cable without connecting the signal generator, and can also be used to detect other pipelines. 9. Historical curve display: the screen displays the historical curve of signal amplitude to visually judge the signal change. 10. Uniqueness identification: the detection caliper is used to identify the uniqueness of the cable. Through the combined signal sent by the detection generator, the amplitude and direction of the current on the cable can be accurately measured, and the identification results can be clearly given. 11. Built in battery for easy replacement: built in Ni MH battery provides reliable charging mode. Rechargeable batteries and dry batteries can be used interchangeably and can be replaced easily. Even if the battery fails, it can be easily replaced without repair, and it is conducive to emergency use without timely charging. 12. Low power consumption and long battery life: the instrument can work continuously for more than 30 hours by using a fully charged Ni MH battery or a new alkaline battery. 13. Automatic shutdown function: when the instrument does not operate within 30 minutes, it will automatically shut down to reduce battery consumption; When the battery is under voltage, the instrument will also shut down automatically to protect the battery. 14. The casing is durable, light and easy to carry.

What Are the Functions of the Cable Identifier 1

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