What to Know Before Using the Pipeline Detector

If the power system wants to operate stably, the power cable really needs special attention. Cable is the main bearing tool in the power system. During the use of cable, it may be affected by various factors, resulting in failure, which needs to be repaired in time. Cables are buried underground, so special detection tools are needed to quickly find out the fault point, so that the staff can repair them in time. Pipeline detector is a common cable fault detection equipment. Today, we mainly introduce the problems that should be understood before using the pipeline detector. Today, Xiaobian will give you a detailed introduction to the relevant knowledge you need to know before using the pipeline detector. Friends who want to know will follow Xiaobian's introduction. 1. Graphic display is adopted, which can continuously and real-time display various parameters and signal strength in the detection process. 2. When measuring the depth, it will automatically switch to the dual horizontal antenna mode and automatically adjust the sensitivity of the receiver to optimize the measurement signal. After sounding, it will automatically return to the working mode before sounding. 3. Single horizontal antenna, double horizontal antenna and vertical antenna are used to mutually verify the accuracy of pipeline measurement. 4. It has a variety of depth measurement methods: double coil direct reading method and 70% method; Single coil 80% method, 50% method and 45 degree angle method. 5. High sensitivity, strong anti-interference and accurate positioning. 6. Function of multimeter: test the continuity and insulation quality of cable before and after cable fault finding. Internal structure of pipeline detector: 1. Transmitter: apply a special frequency signal current to the tested pipeline. Generally, three excitation modes are adopted: direct connection method, induction method and clamp method. Transmitter technical parameters injection mode: 480HZ, 31khz induction Clamp mode 31khz output voltage 0-400vp-p automatically / manually adjust the output waveform sine wave power supply 12VDC 4.5ah lithium battery maximum output power 10W 2. Receiver: the receiver has a built-in induction coil to receive the magnetic field signal of the pipeline, and the coil generates induced current, so as to calculate the direction and path of the pipeline. 2. There are generally three receiving modes: peak mode (maximum), valley mode (minimum) and wide peak mode; In addition, more advanced instruments now generally have peak arrow mode (which combines the advantages of peak and valley values to make the operation more intuitive) and compass guidance (used to indicate the direction of the pipeline). 3. Technical parameters of receiver: receiving sensitivity i100 & mu; A@1M Defense against 50Hz Interference & Ge; 100dB power consumption & lt; 1.0W power supply, 12V 1.5Ah lithium battery, maximum test burial depth of 4.5m, test burial depth error, ± 0.05h± 5cm (H is the buried depth of the optical cable) test the route error 5cm, test the insulation degree of the line 25m & omega; The effective length of pipeline route and buried depth tested by injection method shall not be less than 20km (under normal conditions). 4. Use the induction method to test the line route and buried depth, and the effective length shall not be less than 3km (under normal conditions). Note: under normal conditions, it means that the tested pipeline has no insulation fault and other interference within the above measurement range.

What to Know Before Using the Pipeline Detector 1

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