NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 1
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 2
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 3
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 4
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 1
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 2
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 3
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 4

NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory

1 Year
9V Alkaline battery(not included)
*Other Function:
*Tracking Type:
UTP/STP RJ45 (8P4C 8P8C), RJ11
*Main Function:
Test and Track Cables and VFL
*Place of Origin:
*Model Number:
*Brand Name:


1. Quickly tracing & find  Lan/telephone cable which is connected with switch or router. 2. Two scan modes selectable: AC filter & Non AC filter
3. Check wiremap of Lan cable  with receiver directly.
4. Tone tracing breakge points of Lan cables and metal lines.
5. Check fibber breakage, winding, etc.

Application pictures

Application pictures 
NOYAFA Brand RJ11 Cable Tracker RJ11 Factory 5

Technical parameters

Technical indexes
NF-168V Transmitter specifications
Tone frequency
Max. distance of transmission
More than 3 kilometers
Max. working current
Less than 10mA
Tone mode
2 Tones, adjustable
Compatible connectors
RJ11, RJ45,VFL
Max. signal voltage
Function and faults light display
Light display(Wiremap, tone,tracing)
Voltage protection
DC 48V
Dimension ( L x W x D )
13 x 4 x 2 cm
NF-168V Receiver specifications
The Max. working current
Less than 30mA
Dimension( L x W x D )
10 x 5 x 2.3 cm

Accessories Download

Packing list 
User manual
Testing line
Color box 

Standard carton
Carton size: 51x33x51 cm
Quantity : 40pcs/ctn
Weight: 18 KG

Company Advantages

1. NOYAFA telephone patch panel complies with electrical safety standards. It conforms to safety standards promulgated by safety and standard agencies such as UL, CE, VDE, CSA, BSI, CCC and so on.

2. NOYAFA laser measuring meter meets the electrical safety standards. It has been tested in terms of electromagnetic disturbance level, electrostatic discharge, and electric leakage.

3. NOYAFA fiber optic signal tester complies with the essential electrical safety requirements. It is constructed in accordance with international electrical principles and conforms to specific safety standards such as CE marking.

4. This high-quality product is very flexible and can be adjusted to the wearer's face for long-term use.

5. This product has outstanding characteristics of corrosion resistance and wear resistance, which can effectively reduce the wear rate of the ophthalmic lens.

6. This product has the outstanding characteristics of ultra-light, ultra-thin, wear-resistant and impact-resistant, which can keep the spectacle lens natural for a long time.

7. This high-quality product uses modern technology and materials to further improve the dustproof, waterproof and anti-fog function of the spectacle lens.

8. This product has many features. It has the outstanding characteristics of light weight, high wear resistance, impact resistance and ultra-thin.

9. People can use it to make machines, electronic goods, vehicles, houses, small components and parts, or use it in other applications.

10. Our modern society needs huge quantities of this mineral type of product. It is vital for the manufacturing industry of all kinds.

11. Featuring great flexibility, it is often used in different applications for different purposes in our daily life. It is crucial for supporting and developing the economy.

Company Features

SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has gone far ahead in the market when it comes to the development and production of cable continuity tester. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has made a lot of achievements in developing and manufacturing cable continuity tester. We have achieved much praise from competitors. Depending on competitive cable continuity tester manufacturing advantages and ability, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has taken up a lead in the domestic markets.

Our company is equipped with product specialists. They have a wealth of knowledge and experience gained through many years of product development in the cable continuity tester industry. Our business operates on a global scale. The successful navigation in multiple national markets provides us a much broader customer base from which we can generate business. We have worked with people here and countless companies in China (and other regions). By emphasizing the importance of building a true relationship with each customer to ensure that we thoroughly understand all aspects of our business, we have received many repetitive purchases. We have professional employees. What makes them stand out from the crowd is the ability to provide in-depth, expert knowledge of individual geographic trades and cable continuity tester markets.

We will integrate environmental concerns into our business strategy. We take environmental initiatives as a way of pollution prevention, such as introducing efficient manufacturing machines and adopting more reasonable supply chain management. To fulfill the responsibility for the environment, we will manage the natural resources in the most effective and efficient way. We will introduce highly effective manufacturing facilities to help us achieve this goal. We comply with the regulations of waste management. We ensure any waste and emission we produce as a result of business operations are handled appropriately and safely. We make sure that our production activities do not pose any risk to the environment, and treat hazardous substances and emissions in an appropriate and serious manner before we throw out or discharge them. In order to reduce carbon dioxide in a more effective way, we take precautionary measures. We modify the production process to a more effective level to produce less waste, and implement water and energy conservation practices.

Application of the Product

cable tracker of NOYAFA can play a role in various industries.

In the early stage, we conduct a communication survey to gain an in-depth understanding of the customer's problems. Therefore, we can develop solutions that best suit the customers based on the results of the communication survey.

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