NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 1
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 2
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 3
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 4
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 1
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 2
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 3
NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 4

NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory

9V Alkaline battery
Testing type:
RJ45, RJ11
LCD with backlight
Main Function:
Measure Length of RJ11 & RJ45 Cable
1 Year
Tracking Type:
RJ45 ,RJ11
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
Brand Name:

Company Advantages

1. NOYAFA fiber fault locator is the comprehensive embodiment of new technologies. Most of its electric components are developed or optimized using cutting-edge energy-saving technologies that are widely adopted in energy-efficient appliances.

2. The development of NOYAFA underground wire tracer is the soul of wit of our R&D team. It is developed with great performance and functionality by the R&D staff who have experience in energy conservation and consumption reduction, the knowledge of transformer and motor, and the wiring installation.

3. NOYAFA Laser Range Finder is manufactured to meet user requirement specification. Its electric components and the housing have gone through heat treating, stamping, laser cutting, and surface treating.

4. The quality inspection of NOYAFA test screwdriver will be carried out throughout the production stage. It will be checked for the insulation of wires, the performance of insulation resistance, nominal voltage, and other electric components.

5. NOYAFA multi function wire tracker is a well-manufactured outcome by developers, designers, production workers, QC team, etc. It has to be constantly inspected, maintained, and upgraded in terms of its electric components.

6. Strict quality control system to ensure product quality to meet international standards.

7. The product will be carefully checked for various quality parameters.

8. This product is the customer's first choice product, the service life is long, the practicality is strong.

9. Under the strict supervision of quality experts, 100% of the products have passed the conformance test.

10. The product continues to find its way into market areas where it is less well known.

11. Being cost-efficient, the product will be applied more widely in the future.

12. The product can generate remarkable economic benefits to customers, showing wider application prospect.

13. The product is winning greater market share and can be suitable for wider application in the future.

14. The product is dependable for various applications.

Applications Include:
Trace and locate  RJ45 (STP / 4-core) , RJ11 cables  
Anti-jamming, capable of working on the exchanger and PC startup
Measure cable length for RJ45,RJ11 Cable
Check open, short, cross, crosstalk for RJ11,RJ45 cable.
Locate short and breakage point accurately. 
Earphone permits use in noisy environments
Enables cables to be located even when totally concealed
Memory and storage function
LCD Screen shows test result clearly

1.Don't connected high voltage lines to avoid buring out the machine .
2.Put into the right place to avoid hurting others,because of the sharp part .
3.Connected the cable to the right port .
4.Read the user manual before use it .

Application pictures

NOYAFA Brand RJ45 Testing Fiber Optic Cable with Flashlight RJ45 Factory 5

Technical parameters

Technical indexes:

NF-8200 Transmitter specifications
LCD screen 53x25mm
Tone frequency 225Hz
The Max. distance of tracing cable  electrified wire:3000m
Non-electrified wire: 2000m
The Max. distance of cablemapping 2500m
The Max. distance of cable length testing 1000m
Trace cable coonected to switch anti-jamming 
Tone mode 2 Tones, adjustable
Compatible with connectors RJ11,RJ45
LED lights display Wiremap, tone, tracing
Cable map indication LCD (#1- #8)
Shielded indication LCD (#9)
Voltage protection AC 60V/DC 42V
Low battery display LCD (6.5V)
Battery type DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22 DC9V) x 1pc 
Dimensions (LxWxD) 185 x 80 x 32mm
NF-8200 Receiver specifications
Frequency 225kHz
The Max. working current Less than 70mA
Earphone jack 1
LED illumination 2 LEDs
Battery type DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22 DC9V) x 1pc 
Dimensions (LxWxD) 218 x 46 x 29mm
NF-8200 Remote unit specifications
Compatible with connectors RJ11,RJ45
Dimensions (LxWxD) 107 x 30 x 24mm


Accessories Included:

* Earphone x 1 set
* Battery x 2 sets
* Telephone line adapter x 1 set
* Network cable adapter x 1 set
* Cable clips x 1 set


Company Features

With a global coverage of fiber cable stripper, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED owns a sophisticated global sales network. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is one of fiber cable stripper industry leaders, mainly engaged in production and sales of With a whole value chain of fiber cable stripper that stretches around the world, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED develops rapidly. With great capacity of fiber cable stripper, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED can ensure a stable supply in global market.

Throughout the world, we have opened and maintained stable overseas fiber cable stripper markets. Our stable business partners are mainly from Europe, North & South America, and Asia countries. We have a pool of patient and very considerate customer service employees. They think highly of each customer's concerns, listen to them, and always offer timely and valuable responses to clients. Our company has pooled a team of customer service staff members. They are well-trained during the programs, such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) and communicative skills. This enables us to enhance the client experience. At present, we have set up a solid overseas fiber cable stripper sales network covering various countries. They are mainly North America, East Asia, and Europe. This sales network has promoted us to form a solid customer base.

SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED will provide a comprehensive fiber cable stripper solution for our customers. In order to promote our better cooperation, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is willing to do more things for our customers. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED hopes that our fiber cable stripper will benefit every customer. By providing the best quality and professional service, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED hopes to establish more partnerships with each customer. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED would like to bring the greatest value to our customers through our fiber cable stripper.

Product Details

NOYAFA produces testing fiber optic cable with flashlight according to national standards, and the products are of good quality. The specific details are as follows.

Application of the Product

testing fiber optic cable with flashlight of NOYAFA can be widely used in various fields.

With a focus on NOYAFA is dedicated to providing reasonable solutions for customers.

Product Comparison

Compared with other testing fiber optic cable with flashlight, the testing fiber optic cable with flashlight produced by NOYAFA has the following advantages and features.

Enterprise Advantages

NOYAFA has a group of skilled professionals and advanced technology and equipment to ensure high quality of products.

NOYAFA pays attention to consumer demand and serve consumers in a reasonable way to enhance consumer identity and achieve win-win with consumers.

Based on the responsible and honest attitude, NOYAFA insists on providing customers with quality products and services which is the reflection of our business philosophy. Meanwhile, we practice the core value of 'pragmatic and diligent, pioneering and innovative' to achieve mutual benefit with customers.

Our company, built in has developed into an industry leader. We have complete equipment, strong technology force and high brand awareness after years of hard work.

NOYAFA's products have been loved and recognized by people of many countries and have been sold well both at home and abroad.

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