NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 1
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 2
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 3
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 4
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 1
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 2
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 3
NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 4

NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter

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Company Advantages

1. The quality of NOYAFA laser distance meets the National Sanitation Foundation recommendations for water purifiers. Each production stage will be scrutinized to guarantee its quality.

2. NOYAFA underground wire detector is designed with delicate water treating system, ranging from pretreatment, refine filtration, and sterilization process, and all these processes achieve better purification effect.

3. NOYAFA non contact dc voltage tester will be tested on its water treating performance in terms of capacity on removing suspended solids and microbial pathogens, as well as the water quality and contamination levels.

4. After the NOYAFA cable tester network is finished, it will go through a trial test to check its water treating capacity from different perspectives including physical, chemical, or biological perspectives to test contamination handling levels.

5. All the parts of NOYAFA poe detector provided by the suppliers are guaranteed to meet the food grade standards with relevant quality certifications.

6. The product feels comfortable. The heel collar can effectively help cushion the ankle and ensure proper fit to feet.

7. The product can withstand the stress from the body. The Achilles tendon protector reduces stress on the Achilles tendon by locking the shoe around the heel.

8. The product features proper stability. It is achieved with cushioning, medial support and with a semi-curved or curved last: it supports foot movement.

9. The product features enough breathability. It has enough ventilation with multiple holes and allows moisture to transmit out of it.

10. The product features enough traction. The test is conducted to determine the coefficient of friction and slip resistance characteristics.

11. If people have the misfortune of being caught in a massive storm, the product can be used to pack everything up and get it under cover.

12. The product can be erected on any surface and doesn’t require the preparation of footings needed for permanent structures.

13. The product provides the solidity of permanent structures, yet is lightweight and portable, which is perfectly suitable for outdoor use.

14. The product is easy to set up, offering complete flexibility and durability on size and shape, and suffering from no internal obstructions.

15. The product provides people with a safe and dry place that will keep their guests comfortable even if the weather isn’t cooperative.


Main Function:
1.Measurement of the power of optical sender (dBm and W)

2.Insertion loss test of optical devices.

3.New REF user-defined.

4.Self-calibration .

5.FC is included, (SC/ST/LC connector for option).

6.Optional auto-off function and backlight switch.

Company Features

SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is highly reputable in the industry. We are widely accepted because of our strong capacity for manufacturing short circuit finder. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has been broadly accepted thanks to its strong capability for manufacturing short circuit finder. We have built a good reputation in the industry. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is an expert in the development, production, and marketing of short circuit finder. We are commonly accepted by customers in the industry. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has made an extraordinary achievement in designing, and manufacturing short circuit finder. We have become more popular in the industry. Depending on the expertise in designing and manufacturing short circuit finder, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has been widely recognized as one of the most powerful manufacturers in the industry.

Our professional R&D team helps push our business to grow. They leverage their experience and insight to develop specialized solutions, drive product innovation, cost savings, and improved time-to-market. We continue to invest in advanced production facilities to connect our equipment, people and processes. This will finally help us improve productivity, quality, responsiveness, as well as the accuracy of decision making throughout the product lifecycle. Our company has employed a dedicated manufacturing team. This team includes QC test technicians. They are committed to continuous improvement in product quality before delivery. Our company is backed by a powerful factory. Equipped with leading-edge techniques, our factory allows us to improve efficiency, scale rapidly and realize the quality and reliability customers expect—at the most effective cost.

Our mutual objective in SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is to become an influential short circuit finder supplier company at home and abroad. We have a mutual goal for each NOYAFA staff which is to serve each customers with our professional skills. NOYAFA hopes to be a professional brand in the global market. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED will guarantee the improving customer satisfication during the shopping process.

Product Details

NOYAFA not only pays attention to the whole, but also focuses on the details of fiber optical power meter. In this way, we make sure that our products are better reflected in the following details.

Application of the Product

fiber optical power meter developed and produced by NOYAFA is widely applied to many industries and fields. It can fully meet the diversified needs of customers.

We have been engaged in the production and management of for many years. For some problems encountered by customers in the procurement, we have the ability to provide customers with a practical and effective solution to help customers solve problems better.

Product Comparison

NOYAFA's fiber optical power meter has better quality than other products in the industry, which is specifically shown in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

NOYAFA has a research and development team composed of senior technical designers and engineers in the industry. We focus on product design and development with the concept of 'quality first, technological innovation, novel design'.

We keep our promises and treat our customers as supreme guests. Without prejudice to the interests of both parties, we try our best to provide our customers with the best, most reasonable and most warm-hearted services.

With a focus on customers, our company improves our service based on honest and reliable management. In addition, we practice the spirit of 'exploitation, innovation, high efficiency'. We believe that innovation leads to development and market brings benefit.

Since the establishment in NOYAFA has always maintained our initial heart, good attitude, and great enthusiasm. We have overcome the difficulties in the development. Currently, we are a good example for other companies to learn from. We gain a certain position in the industry based on great business strength.

Our company takes its city as the product sales center, and aims to expand the sales coverage in a global way to increase its market share.


Application pictures

NOYAFA Brand Supports2.5mmuniversalconnectors Custom Fiber Optical Power Meter 5


Technical parameters

Model NF-906C
Power detecting range(dBm)   -50 ~ +26
Wavelenth (nm) 800-1700
Probe InGaAs
Detection limit 1.0mm
Standard wavelenth(nm)  850, 1300, 1310, 1490, 1550, 1625 
Display resolution   0.01dBm
Optical connector FC/SC/FC
Working temp  -20 ~ +70 
Battery serving time 150h
Power supply 9V
Overall dimension 185x105x50mm



Optical fiber meter x1pcs
User manual x1pcs
DC 9V battery x1pcs
Clean cotton swabs x1bag
The charging adapter x1pcs

Carrry bag x1pcs
Color box x1pcs
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