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NOYAFA Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee Factory 1
NOYAFA Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee Factory 2
NOYAFA Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee Factory 3
NOYAFA Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee Factory 4

NOYAFA Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee Factory



Product features:

1. Video Level testing, video signals measured in IRE or Mv.

2. Audio input testing and PTZ continuing rotate test.

3. Digital multimeter, voltage, current, resistance and capacitance can be tested, continuity testing, diode testing.

4. PTZ control, Pan/tilts the P/T unit, zooms in/out the lens, adjusts the focus, aperture and sets and calls the preset position.

5. Video displaying, Automatically adapts and displays the video format of NTSC/PAL.


Product description:

LCD Screen: 3.5" LCD Screen 960(H)×240(V)resolution

Audio signal input: Microphone or other audio devices

Color bar: White, blue, purple, green, yellow, black, red

Baud Rates: 2400,4800,9600

Vedio format: NTSC/PAL

Vedio output: CVBS/ Analog signal

Language: Chinese/English

Power: DC5V/1A

Battery: 3.7V Li-battery

Working time: 18hs for continous working

Material: plastic and metal

Tester size: 206*112*49mm

Remote size: 107*30*24 mm

Package size: 260*200*80mm

Color: red & black

Company Advantages

1. NOYAFA poe tester has been 100% tested in terms of many aspects. They mainly are care labeling, colorfastness, fabric construction, dimensional stability, etc.

2. The creation of NOYAFA high voltage detector tester meets different international standards. They are the following standards: European Standards (EN), GB Standards, AATCC, ASTM, and ISO.

3. Specific tests for NOYAFA poe cable tester have been conducted. These tests are tear strength testing, abrasion resistance testing, dimensional stability testing, comfort and breathability testing, and stain resistance testing.

4. Basic tests have been performed on NOYAFA cctv camera tester. These tests include colorfastness testing, abrasion resistance testing, dimensional stability testing, breathability testing, etc.

5. This product has enough shock-absorption. The cushioning materials effectively adapt to the contours of the foot, providing the maximum relief of pressure points.

6. This product is able to resist impacts without any deformation. It has no tendency to crack or break under repeated stress from the foot.

7. This product is not prone to get deformed. It has passed the strict bonding tests, which proves that it can retain its original shape under a certain degree of foot stress.

8. The product can be used in a variety of industries and will be used in a wider range of applications in the future.

9. The product is fully adapted to market trends and has great potential for wide application.

10. This product is very popular among customers and is considered to be widely used in the future.

11. The product is well adapted to market needs and will be more widely used in the near future.

12. Products adapt to market demand and are widely used at home and abroad.

Company Features

Over the years, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has been a reliable partner to provide quality poe checker in an increasingly challenging marketplace. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is one of China's premier manufacturer of poe checker. We have been active in the industry for years. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has been thought of a highly reliable Chinese manufacturer, as we provide the highest quality poe checker in the industry. Since its inception, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED starts with the manufacture of poe checker. Over the years, the company has been growing steadily and significantly.

poe checker is of longer service life. poe checker enjoys a longer lifespan. There is no such kind of product like our poe checker which are of so good a quality.

To let customers favor poe checker is the mission of NOYAFA. NOYAFA is committed to offering the most professional poe checker. Taking the lead in poe checker industry has been NOYAFA striving for. NOYAFA's commitment is to produce poe checker with high quality.

Application of the Product

laser distance meter milwaukee of NOYAFA has very extensive application in different scenarios.

While providing excellent products, NOYAFA is dedicated to providing personalized solutions for customers according to their needs and actual situations.


Application pictures

NOYAFA Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee Factory 5


Technical parameters



 LCD Screen

 3.5" LCD Screen

 Audio signal input

 Microphone or other audio devices

 Color bar

 White, blue, purple, green, yellow, black, red

 Baud Rates


 Vedio format


 Vedio output

 CVBS/ Analog signal


 20 kinds:PELCO-D/P,SAMSUNG,ect, customised






 bulit-in 3.7V Li-battery , detachable

 Working time

 18hs for continous working

 Working temperature


 working humidity



 DC5V 1A charging adaptor, BNC cable, audio cable, RS485 data cable, Camera Power cable, pendent rope, remote , user manual, giftbox , carry bag



DC5V 1A charging adaptor x1pcs

BNC cable x1pcs

Qudio cable x1pcs

RS485 data cable x1pcs

Camera Power cable x1pcs

Pendent rope x1pcs

Remote x1pcs user

Manual x1pcs

Giftbox x1pcs

Carry bag x1pcs

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