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Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 2
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Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 1
Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 2
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Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture

1 Year
Place of Origin:
Shenzhen, China
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Company Advantages

· The manufacturing processes of NOYAFA laser room measuring device are regulated and supervised. These processes include pattern design, spinning, weaving, fabric materials cutting, dyeing, etc.

· The product perfectly combines the compact structure and functionality. It has both artistic beauties and actual utilizing value.

· People can be assured that the product can keep its appearance excellent and it will not shrink or out of shape after washing.


New network tester
Single head test crystal head is different from the traditional tester, only one head line can be tested.


Compared with members among NF-468 series, NF-468S wins customers’ heart not only for it’s excellent reliability for continuity testing for RJ45 and RJ11, but also for it’s outstanding PoE standard testing and the contact between crystal head and pin test function, as a continuity tester, NF-468S also support external power source to work.


NF-468S is a multi-functional cable tester which integratesmultiple types of cable test and POE test . It can test whetherthe open circuit , cross circuit and plug of wire RJ45 , RJ11and RJ12 are in normal work . It can also be used to testwhether the network cable is powered and the power dataIt can identify the type of Power Sourcing Equipment ( EitherEndspan or Midspan ) in your network . It is widely used incom mercial , household and other fields.



Single head test crystal head


Quickly detect when the crystal head is pressed


Product features:

1. Quickly and easily to test results--open , cross , pass , short.

2. Quickly to check the RJ45 / RJ11 plug

3. Quickly identify the type and provide power of Poe

4. Compliant with IEEE 802 . 3af / 802 . 3at POE standard

5. RJ45 connector, simple plug in the cable 6. When the battery power is low, the " power " light will quickly flash.


Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 4
Connected well
1-8 lights are all on
Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 5
Poor connection

4 light off, indicating that the 4th wire core is not crimped properly

Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 6
No. 1 core of this head is not pressed well



Product Parameters



Model NF-468S
Maximum testdistance 2000m
Cable type RJ45 Network cable Cat5 / 5e / 6 / 6a ( UTP / STP )RJ11 / 12 telephone wire Cat3 ( 6P2C / 6P4C / 6P6C)
Testing indicator 8 indicator lights for quick test
Shield indication G Avalible
QC RJ45 / RJ11 plug test
PoE 4LED ( Midspan / endspan connection at / afPOE power environment )
Detect PoE Avalible
Size ( LXWXD ) 10 . 4x9 6x2 7cm
Power Supply DC9 V
Weight 200g


Product Display


Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 7
Determine PoE switch

Power supply type and power supply situation; Support 802.3af/802.3 at two standards

Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 8
Shielded network cable test

Can test unshielded/shielded network cable

Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 9
Support phone line test

Can test landline phone lines and microphone phone lines


Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 10
Split design

Main and auxiliary machine can be separated, opening and closing more freely

Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 11
9V battery power supply

Simply install the battery to correspond

Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 12



Product List



Noyafa NOYAFA Brand Cable Tester Manufacture 13



Company Features

· Generally considered as an experienced provider of ethernet line tracer, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED takes pride in the field of R&D, design, and manufacture.

· With a full set of quality control system, NOYAFA can meet the needs of different customers. NOYAFA has a number of high-end production technology to improve the quality of ethernet line tracer.

· SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED now has won the recognition of more customers due to its high quality service. Check now!

Product Details

NOYAFA will show you the specific details of products below.

Application of the Product

NOYAFA's cable tester has a wide range of applications.

From the customer's point of view, we provide our customers with a complete, fast, efficient and feasible solution to solve their problems.

Product Comparison

The cable tester of NOYAFA has been improved greatly in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

Our company has introduced a group of talents with rich experience and professional skills. They are committed to providing technical support for the production of high-quality products, and it greatly enhances our core competitiveness.

NOYAFA can provide high-quality and efficient management consulting service for customers at any time.

With the spirit of struggle and hard work, we will realize our commitment to employees, customers and society, and strive to become a leading enterprise in China.

Established in NOYAFA has gone through ups and downs for years. We embrace today's outstanding achievements among difficulties and hardships, and form our own unique development path.

We keep seeking new development ideas and now market has been expanded all over the world.

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During 15 years development, Noyafa has become the most famous brand in cable testing industry in China. With excellent production capability, reliable quality, good after-sales service, we get good reputation from customers all over the world.
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