Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 1
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 2
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 3
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 4
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 5
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 1
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 2
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 3
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 4
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 5

Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA

1 Year
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Shenzhen, China
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Company Advantages

· NOYAFA computer network tool kit is manufactured with utmost care and precision using quality-guaranteed materials and leading-edge technology.

· This product is energy efficient. It has proven to be supported in terms of minimum energy performance standards (MEPs) and average rating standards.

· This product is unlikely to hold people's feet in an unnatural and impede natural foot movement. It will provide enough foot comfort and wearing support.


Intelligent Cable Locator
Cable line laying path, breakpoint and short circuit fault detection


Now, with this NF-826 Cable Locator developed by our company to effectively assist users to locate and detect cables, you no longer need to take your chance.


This Cable Locator is a portable instrument consisting of a transmitter, a receiver and some accessories. With advanced integrated parts and digital circuit technologies, it is characterized by highly stable and reliable electrical performance. The transmitter sends to the target cable (or metal pipes) an AC voltage modulated by digital signals, which generates an alternating electric field; Put the sensor head of the receiver close to this electric field, and the sensor will generate induced voltage. This instrument can magnify this weak voltage signal by hundreds of times and then display it via an LCD screen after audio frequency decoding, demodulation and digital processing, so that the position of the buried cables or pipes, as well as their faults, can be detected based on the change of the signal.


Function Description



Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 6
Network cable positioning
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 7
Cable breakpoint search
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 8
Cable short-circuit point search
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 9
Auto sweep
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 10
HD by light
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 11
AC/DC voltage


Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 12
USB direct charge
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 13
NCV test pencil
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 14
Adjustable sensitivity
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 15
Electric torch
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 16
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 17
Automatic shut-down



This Cable Locator is user friendly and provides convenient operation by means of keystroke, which can indicate effective pressing through a buzzer. Besides, the display is visualized and the transmitter and receiver are equipped with LED lamps. The transmitter not only transmits signals but also acts as an AC/DC voltmeter, so that the instrument can display the voltage of the tested line, including the AC/DC status, in addition to a warning symbol when testing a live line. Besides, the transmitter is also provided with self-inspection function, which is realized by showing in the display whether the transmitter is transmitting signals, making the users more confident in testing. The display of the receiver has backlights, so that users can see the testing results even in darkness. To improve the testing efficiency , the receiver is equipped with a loudspeaker, which will give changing tones at the time of changed signal intensity, so that users can judge the testing effects simply by sound, leading to enhanced convenience. In order to adapt the instrument to a noisy environment, loud sound is used by the loudspeaker. Of course, mute mode for both the transmitter and the receiver is provided to prevent them from disturbing others when the instrument is used.


Function Parameters


Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 18
Sketch of transmitter
① LCD screen.

② Power on/off key.

③ Up key. When setting power level or code, press it to go up.

④ Down key. When setting power level or code, press it to go down.

⑤ Key for turning on/off flashlight.

⑥ Key for setting/confirming code information to be transmitted. Press this key for 1 second to enter code setting and press it briefly to exit setting.

⑦ Key for setting/confirming transmitting power level (Level I, II or III)

⑧ Key for Mute or Backlight

⑨ Key for transmitting or stopping to transmit code information.

⑩ Grounding hole. The transmitter is grounded with the test lead through this hole.

“+" hole, input/output hole of the transmitter. The transmitter is connected to external cables with the test lead through this hole to send out.


Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 19
Sketch of receiver
① Flashlight.     
② Probehead   
③ LCD screen     
④ Power on-off key

⑤ Key for adjusting sensitivity up under manual mode.
⑥ Key for adjusting sensitivity down under manual mode.

⑦ Key fo turning on/off the flashlight.


⑨ MANUAL key for switchover between manual and automatic cable locating.

⑩ Mute



Product Application



Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 20
Can check the line inside the wall

Detect the line direction/break point and short circuit buried in the wall.

Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 21
Detect pipes in walls

Find disconnection and short-circuit faults in the electric heating line under the floor

Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 22
Find a fuse/socket

Find fuses/fuse circuits/covered sockets and junction boxes


Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 23
Features Of Our Products

Measurable AC/DC voltage. Can measure 12~400V AC/DC voltage

Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 24
Detect underground cables

Detect cables buried in walls and underground, Electric circuit break and short circuit fault.

Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 25
USB Lithium Direct Charge

1400mAh Lithium battery has long use timeLonger battery life.



Product Code & Sensitivity



Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 26



Product Multiple Functions



Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 27
NCV Non-contact test electric pen
High voltage measurement, zero contact
Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 28
Flashlight lighting
Turn on the flashlight function in the dark or dark environment to facilitate work !


Packing List


Poe Tester NF-826 - - NOYAFA 29



Company Features

· Depending on years of efforts, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has become an expert in the design, manufacture, and sales of network wire tracker.

· We use industry-leading production facilities to help control and track our manufacturing process from end to end. These facilities optimize efficiency and ensure on-time job delivery for all our customers.

· Within our own facilities, we work on reducing our water consumption, carbon emissions and waste stream, now and in the future.

Product Details

With a focus on quality, NOYAFA pays great attention to the details of poe tester.

Application of the Product

NOYAFA's poe tester is widely used in many industries.

NOYAFA provides comprehensive and reasonable solutions based on customer's specific situations and needs.

Product Comparison

Compared with its peer products, poe tester produced by NOYAFA has the following advantages.

Enterprise Advantages

NOYAFA has a group of experienced and professional technical personnel and management teams. This provides favorable conditions for corporate development.

With a professional service team, NOYAFA is able to provide all-round and professional services which are suitable for customers according to their different needs.

Our company adheres to the business philosophy of 'customer satisfaction' and the tenet of 'high-quality products, good reputation and sincere service'. We rely on scientific and technological strength, advanced production equipment and rich production experience to provide high-quality products for users.

Since the establishment in NOYAFA has been engaged in the business of During the development for years, we have accumulated rich industry experience.

NOYAFA's are supplied throughout the country. Some products are exported to some countries and regions in Europe, America, Africa and Southeast Asia.

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