Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 1
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 2
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 3
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 4
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 1
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 2
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 3
Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 4

Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester

Test length:
RJ11,RJ45 ,BNC
RJ45, RJ11, BNC
3.7V Lithium battery
Other Function:
PING&PoE&Portflash function
Tracking Type:
RJ45, RJ11, BNC , and Metal Cable
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
Brand Name:

1. TDR theory to measure length of cat5e, cat6 and cat7 cable, coaxil cable, telephone cable.
2. Wiremapping with length and provide the distance to fault information.
3. PoE function: identify which pins are providing power and detect how much voltage.
4. PING function to test network performance, data packet, MIN&MAX time.
5. Quickly find the targeted cable without stripping isolation among unknown cables.
6. Hub blinks for locating network port by the flashing port light on Hub / Switch.
7. Voltage detector: included in receiver (90~1000V)
1. Tone traces cable with complete AC fliter.
2. TF card function to export data from computer (50sets, TXT format)
3. 2 scan modes: common switch and PoE switch
4. 3.7V lithium battery for power supply and 2.8 inch color screen

Application pictures

Quality NOYAFA Brand and Metal Cable Cable Length Tester 5

Technical parameters

 Technical indexes: 

 NF-8601S Transmitter specifications


 LCD 320x240 mm, with backlight

 Cable test types

 STP/UTP 5E,6E network , telephone , coaxial cable. 

 Max. distance of wiremap

 1000 m

 Max. distance of tracing


 Max. distance of cable length 

 1000 m

 Min. distance of calibration

 50 m


 up to 98% ( after calibration )

 Compatible connectors


 Cable map indication

 LCD (#1-#8)

 Battery Type

 3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh

 Work temperature / humidity

 10 ~ -60 / 0~70



 NF-8601S Receiver specifications

 Cable hunting

 RJ11RJ45, BNC

 Types of cable

  2 cores

 Battery Type

 3.7V lithium battery 1800mAh


 183x58x35 mm

 NF-8601S Remote unit specifications

 Compatible connectors

 RJ11RJ45, BNC






Accessories Included:
Bulit-in battery x 2 set
Adapted telephone line x 1 set
Adapted network cable x 1 set
Cable clips x 1 set
Charging adaptor  x 1 set
Toolkit  x 1 set  


Company Advantages

1. For the inspection of NOYAFA laser distance meter 50m, the testing team not only check the conventional parameters but also conducted a simulated exam in different humidity and temperature conditions.

2. The optical performance of NOYAFA cctv video tester has been greatly improved by the R&D team who has invested a lot of time. Thus, its optical parameters are very close to the ideal value.

3. The appearance of NOYAFA multifunctional cable tester is ensured by our production team. So its surface is smooth with no cracks and impurities.

4. NOYAFA laser distance meter amazon is strictly checked by using the constant current aging box which is able to find out whether it has weak light or no light.

5. The production process of NOYAFA fiber optic cutter is strictly carried out. Through cleaning, mounting, welding, and encapsulation, it is guaranteed to have high luminous efficiency.

6. This product is highly resistant to bacteria. During the production stage, antibacterial agents have been added to provides an effective barrier to resist bacteria.

7. This product features the desired comfort. The fabrics used are soft enough to effectively reduce frictions which would cause skin irritations.

8. This product is highly resistant to bacteria. Its fabrics have gone through special treatment, which allows it to effectively inhibit the growth of micro-organisms.

9. This product is anti-bacterial. Having gone through special surface treatment, it shows effective activities against bacteria, fungi, and other microorganisms.

10. This product has the desired comfort. With the sound tactile properties, its fabrics can greatly reduce the effects of mechanical forces such as pressure and friction.

11. The product can provide user-friendly and advanced technology for people to use, improving the overall efficiency of life and work.

12. This product can largely help consumers with the bills. It has a good energy rating will help people save electricity.

13. The product is energy-efficient and costs little to run. People can lower their utility bill and help protect the environment.

14. The product is energy saving. It spends the minimum amount of energy to complete its tasks. It accounts for reduced energy bills.

Company Features

Over the years, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has gained abundant experience in the manufacturing of cable tester. We are a reliable China-based manufacturer. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has been concentrating on designing and manufacturing cable tester. With rich experience, we have been a reliable manufacturer to deliver high-quality products. As a fast-growing company, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is known as a professional manufacturer in the R&D, design, and manufacture of high-quality cable tester.

NOYAFA has been improving independent technology innovation technology to ensure product quality. By applying independent technological innovation, the cable tester industry developed by NOYAFA is more competitive. In this highly competitive industry, NOYAFA has successfully established its own development technology. Produced by the continuously developing innovative technologies, the quality of cable tester is more guaranteed. It turns out that it is effective for NOYAFA to introducing high-tech technology and advanced machines.

NOYAFA always insists on serving the customers as the main task. The establishment of standards for cable tester will make SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED truly serve the customers. NOYAFA pays high attention to the service of customers.

Application of the Product

The cable length tester developed by our company can play a role in various fields.

NOYAFA has a team of experienced professionals, mature technology and a sound service system. All this can provide customers with one-stop solutions.

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