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Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company 2
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Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company 4
Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company 1
Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company 2
Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company 3
Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company 4

Shenzhen.China Laser Distance Meter Fluke NOYAFA Brand Company

9V Alkaline battery
Main Function:
Verify RJ11,RJ45 cables, locate cables on the Switch
1 year
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
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Company Advantages

1. NOYAFA best voltage detector is required to go through some critical footwear tests. These tests include breathability testing, thermal rating testing, water rating testing, slip resistance testing, and impact resistance testing.

2. NOYAFA underground wire detector has obtained ISF certification. It is qualified in terms of multipoint color balance, gamut matching/manipulation, and other factors.

3. The Imaging Science Foundation, or ISF, has certified NOYAFA underground wire locator for its balanced color temperature. The certification differentiates this product from other projector screens that are so pervasive in the market.

4. The quality of NOYAFA auto voltage tester gains credibility via programs such as the Certified Technology Specialist (CTS) designation from Infocomm and the ISF certification from ISF-Commercial.

5. This product has the advantage of temperature resistance. Temperature variations do not cause significant errors in their stiffness or fatigue resistance, nor do they cause significant errors in any other mechanical properties.

6. The product has the expected repeatability. It can return to the same location multiple times under the same conditions.

7. The product is structurally sound. Its robust industrial strength frame makes it less susceptible to many factors such as shock and vibration.

8. This product causes only a small amount of noise pollution. It uses a fundamental method to control noise - eliminating friction as much as possible.

9. Every element of this product works together in harmony to match any style of a room. It acts as a beautiful design element for designers.

10. Since this product needs little maintenance, it greatly helps save maintenance costs in the renovation projects.

11. This product acts as an important element in interior decoration. It's no wonder that this product is becoming so popular among many designers and architects.

12. This product can be used for many decades while retaining its beauty, with very little efforts on maintenance needed.

13. Its incredible heat and scratch resistance properties make it the perfect option for people. It can endure daily frequent use.

Main Features:
1.Check continuity of RJ11& RJ45 Cable quickly
2.Hub blink for locating network port by the flashing port light on Hub / Switch
3.Individual LED lights to indicate wire connectivity
4.Detachable master and remote units for versatile tracking, RJ45, and RJ11 testing ports
5.Slow and fast test switch.
1. Visible LED status display.
2. Check the RJ11& RJ45 Cable quickly.
3. Automatically runs all tests and checks for continutiy, open,shorted and crossed wire pairs.
4. Slow and fast test switch.
1.Don't connected high voltage lines to avoid buring out the machine.
2.Put into the right place to avoid hurting others,because of the sharp part.
3.Connected the cable to the right port.
4.Read the user manual before use it.

Application pictures

Technical parameters

Standard carton:
Carton size: 58x31x38cm
Quantity : 50pcs/ ctn
Weight: 8kg


Company Features

SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is an experienced and professional manufacturing company based in China. Our expertise lies in cable tester tool design and production. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a reliable Chinese company. We have a solid and profound background in cable tester tool designing and manufacturing. Established years ago, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a reliable Chinese company with a speciality in the design and manufacture of cable tester tool. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a professional manufacturer based in China. Our extensive experience extends to cable tester tool research, design, and trade.

NOYAFA attaches great importance to the quality of cable tester tool. NOYAFA centers on the quality of cable tester tool. The support of experienced cable tester tool technicians helps to manufacture good cable tester tool.

NOYAFA has a lofty aspiration to be a pioneer in producing cable tester tool. NOYAFA has been always paid a lot of attention to the culture development. With strong ambitions, NOYAFA always work hard to provide both the best cable tester tool and the most professional service.

Product Details

The laser distance meter fluke produced by our company have superior quality, and the specific details of products are presented in the following section.

Application of the Product

Our laser distance meter fluke can be used in multiple areas of multiple industries.

We listen carefully to customer's requests and provide targeted solutions based on the bottleneck of customer. Therefore, we can help our customers to better solve problems.

Product Comparison

The main differences between NOYAFA's laser distance meter fluke and similar products are as follows.

Enterprise Advantages

Based on the reinforcement of team building, our company created an excellent team with cohesion, creativity and execution.

With the highest sincerity and the best attitude, NOYAFA strives to provide consumers with satisfactory services in line with their real needs.

NOYAFA insists on providing quality products and creating value for customers. We are committed to pursuing excellence for products and services, so as to promote the healthy and sustainable development of our company.

Founded in our company has explored a unique development path through the hard work of years.

NOYAFA's products are sold well at home and abroad. They are highly praised by customers and recognized by the market.

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During 15 years development, Noyafa has become the most famous brand in cable testing industry in China. With excellent production capability, reliable quality, good after-sales service, we get good reputation from customers all over the world.
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