Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 1
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 2
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 3
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 4
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 1
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 2
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 3
Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA 4

Wholesale How to Test Live Wire with Screwdriver Yes by NOYAFA

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Company Advantages

1. During the production of NOYAFA fiber optic cable tester - visual fault locator, fabric performance tests are conducted. These tests include fabric density, gram weight, fabric strength, shrinkage rate, tearing strength, etc.

2. Strict quality control for NOYAFA fiber continuity tester is carried out. It mainly covers the inspection of colorfastness, dimensional stability, shrinkage after washing, sewing quality, and so on.

3. NOYAFA cable tester network is manufactured at a high-quality level. It meets the standards stipulated in the National Basic Safety Technical Specifications for Garments Products.

4. The fabrics of NOYAFA ethernet cable tester have been rigorously tested before used. They are tested using various methods such as combustion, staining, or shrinking.

5. NOYAFA cable tester tool is produced under mature machines. They are the sewing machine, automatic cutting machines for fabric, catcher, chain stitch machine, etc.

6. This product is breathable enough. Its fabric with a porous structure makes it have air and vapor absorption ability, allowing the skin to stay cool.

7. This product is wrinkle resistant. Its fabrics featuring strong elasticity and frictional resistance to inhabit any change in its shape.

8. This product has the advantage of excellent colorfastness. Its color will be not easy to change when it is exposed to washing, seawater, chlorinated water, perspiration, and hydrolysis.

9. Users will stay cozy and comfy throughout the night thanks to the moisture-wicking property and the softness of this product.

10. Users will feel comfortable all night long with the breathable fabric of this product, which really feels like sleeping on a cloud.

11. It is able to wick the moisture away from the skin, keeping users' temperature regulated and leaving them drier and cozier throughout the night.

12. With high-grade fabric that’s designed to wick away moisture, this bedding helps regulate temperature while keeping the skin drier.

13. Whether the users suffer from night sweats, are a hot sleeper, or prefer feeling cooler and drier while they're catching some z’s, this product is an ideal choice.


Main features:

1. For 3.1 x 2.0mm indoor fiber optic cable stripping,fiber diameter 125μm,tight package 250μm in diameter.

2. The optical power meter is used for continuous optical signal power measurement and optical fiber line breaking test.

3. Multi functional integration (stripping skin and fixed length stripping),depth adjustable.

4. Use to peel off the 250μm coating of 125μm fiber, suitable for twisted-pair, CATV, CB, SO, SJ, SJT and other cables.

5. High strength and precise forging, easy to cut the cable crosswise, or slit it lengthwise.

Company Features

NOYAFA is a competitive company in fiber connector field. NOYAFA plays an important role in the layout of the fiber connector industry. To be an enabler and promoter in fiber connector industry, NOYAFA has invested heavily in and laid out advanced technologies and professional team. Through worldwide sales network, our fiber connector is selling well which has its own dominance in this field.

To adapt to market's needs, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED keeps strengthening and updating its technology ability. It is the solid technical foundation that makes SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED stand out in the fiber connector industry. In order to accomplish technological innovation, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has introduced professional technicians and innovative equipment. Our company has made great progress in fiber connector development thanks to its professional R&D base.

In order to win the fiber connector market, NOYAFA has been doing the utmost to serve customers with the most professional attitude. NOYAFA believes that the popularity of fiber connector depends on its high quality and professional service. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has always been committed to becoming the most popular fiber connector supplier.

Product Details

The how to test live wire with screwdriver produced by NOYAFA are of superior quality, and the specific details are as follows.

Application of the Product

how to test live wire with screwdriver of NOYAFA has very extensive application in different scenarios.

NOYAFA always pays attention to customers. According customers' actual needs, we could customize comprehensive and professional solutions for them.

Product Comparison

how to test live wire with screwdriver is more competitive than other products in the same category, as shown in the following aspects.

Enterprise Advantages

NOYAFA has introduced a number of talents and has formed an R&D team to provide technical force for product development and innovation.

NOYAFA is capable of providing customers with high-quality products and thoughtful services relying on the professional service team.

In the future, NOYAFA will carry forward the enterprise spirit of 'strictly discipline yourself and treat others with tolerance'. During the development, we also follow the business philosophy of 'customer first, quality first'. We strive to build a leading brand in the industry and promote the healthy and orderly development of the industry. We do that by taking sci-tech as the method, by taking the market as the guide and by taking talents as the basis.

NOYAFA was founded in with a development history of years. We have rich management experience in the production, processing, and sales.

Adhering to the domestic and international product inspection rules, we are strict in the process of production. Our products are of high quality and reasonable price. They are sold well in China, Africa, Europe, Southeast Asia and other regions, and are highly praised by domestic and foreign customers.


Technical parameters

Color: Dark Green
Material: Metal
Suitable Fiber: 125μm Diameter
Suitable Fiber Coating: 250μm Diameter
Number of Fiber Core: 1-2
Package Size: Approx. 13.0 * 6.5 * 2.5cm/ 5.1 * 2.6 * 1.0in
Package Weight: 156g
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During 15 years development, Noyafa has become the most famous brand in cable testing industry in China. With excellent production capability, reliable quality, good after-sales service, we get good reputation from customers all over the world.
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