Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 1
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 2
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 3
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 4
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 1
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 2
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 3
Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 4

Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand

9V Alkaline battery
Testing type:
LCD with Backlight
Main Function:
Measure Length of Network Cable
1 Year
Tracking Type:
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
Brand Name:

1. Check wiring error in 5E, 6E, such as open circuit, short circuit,jumper wire, reverse connection.
2. Measure length of network cable, and locate the open point  .    
3. Self-checking function and automatically compensate any change in battery capacity or ambient temperature.
5. LCD light assists use in dark corners.          
6. Enables cables to be located even when totally concealed.          

1.Don't connected high voltage lines to avoid buring out the machine.
2.Put into the right place to avoid hurting others,because of the sharp part.
3.Connected the cable to the right port.
4.Read the user manual before use it.

Application pictures

Wholesale Noyafa Laser Distance Meter Milwaukee NOYAFA Brand 5

Technical parameters

Standard carton:
Carton size:48.8x43.5x44.5 cm
Quantity : 30pcs/ctn
Weight: 19.5kg

Technical indexes:

NF-8208 Transmitter specifications
Indictor LCD 53x25 mm, with back light
Tone frequency 225 Hz
Max. distance of transmission 2 Km
Max. distance of cable map 1 Km
Max. working current Less than 70mA
Tone mode 2 Tone adjustable
Compatible connectors RJ45
Max. signal voltage 15Vp-p
Function and faults LCD display LCD display ( wiremap, Tone, short, , No adapter, Low  battery )
Cable map indication LCD (#1-#8)
Shielded indication LCD ( #9)
Voltage protection AC 60V/DC 42V
Battery Type DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22 DC9V x 1pcs
Dimension(LxWxD) 185x80x32mm
NF-8208 Receiver specifications
Frequency 225kHz
The Max. working current Less than 70mA
Earjack 1
LED illumination 2
Battery Type DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22 DC9V) x1pc
Dimension(LxWxD) 218x46x29 mm
NF-8208 Remote unit specifications
Compatible connectors RJ45
Dimension(LxWxD) 107x30x24mm



* Earphone * 1pc 
* Battery * 1pcs 
* Cable clip * 1pc  
* Adapted network cable * 1pc  

Company Advantages

1. The design of NOYAFA best network cable tester focuses on the basic principles of the following three areas: mechanical behavior, machine elements, and manufacturing processes.

2. The design of NOYAFA fiber cable connector has been optimized. For example, the system components including geometric stress of the parts, the flatness of section, and connection mode have been improved by our designers.

3. NOYAFA professional network tool kit is designed considering its operation processes. They include stress points, support points, yield points, wear resistance, toughness, friction force, etc.

4. The product is appreciated for the features like outstanding performance and long service life.

5. The product has outstanding performance and stable and reliable quality.

6. The product sets indusry standards for quality and safety.

7. The quality of the product meets the latest industry standards.

8. The product is featured by versatility and outstanding performance.

9. I have a metal allergy and it's very difficult to find good metal-free jewelry that doesn't look cheap and don't tarnish. This product caters to my needs. - Said one of our customers.

10. The product is lightweight and very easy to put on and take off. It is very suitable for everyday wear.

11. One of our customers said that it is not heavy which makes wearing it very easy. I love the size as well, not too overbearing. I can dress them up or dress them down!

Company Features

As one of the most fantastic underground wire detector manufacturers, NOYAFA stands out on the market. NOYAFA is now a global brand featuring the production of underground wire detector. NOYAFA has been widely recognized by its customers with its solid technology and professional underground wire detector. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a company that focuses on the production of underground wire detector. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is one of the most powerful underground wire detector suppliers in the field.

NOYAFA uses advanced technology to develop new and competitive underground wire detector. In order to be at the forefront of the underground wire detector industry, NOYAFA always insists on technological innovation. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED applies high-tech participation in the production of underground wire detector.

To embrace green production, we have adopted different plans. We will encourage reuse, recycle, and recovery of resources during production, which helps us decrease the amount of waste that ends up in the landfill. We have established the eco-efficiency program to upgrade our business. We will cut costs associated with energy, water, and waste usage while also reducing our environmental impact. We have made a lot of change that’s doing a lot of good for the environment. We have used products that reduce our reliance on natural resources, such as solar system, and adopted products that are manufactured with recycled materials. We have had a stellar record in promoting sustainability. During production, we have made progress in eliminating chemical discharges into waterways and have significantly increased energy efficiency. We have made plans on generating a positive impact on the environment. We will target the materials that can be recycled, identify the most suitable waste and recycling collection contractors so as to make the recycled materials to be processed for reuse.

Application of the Product

NOYAFA's laser distance meter milwaukee is available in a wide range of applications.

With Internet technology, we provide a one-stop solution for practical and effective implementation of related problems encountered in the process of purchasing products.

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