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Yes Poe Checker Yes Factory NOYAFA 1
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Yes Poe Checker Yes Factory NOYAFA

Power supply:
9V bettery.
Main Function:
trace RJ11 RJ45 cables
1 year
Other Function:
detect status of telephone
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
Brand Name:

1. tone trace the required line among numerous ones, perfect for tracking RJ11, RJ45, cables or other metal wire (via adapter)       
2. It testes physical connection status of network cable, such as open circuit, short connection, miswire and reverse connection       
3. Use the emitter to test the status of working of telephone lines, such as judging TIP or PING line and judging whether the telephone line is idle, ringing or off-hook       
4. Highlights for 60V endurable, users can track wires which is in low-electricity less than 60V without burnout or damaged.      
5. Clips allow easy access to individual pairs and RJ11 RJ45 easily connect to telephone jacks---no need for adapters       
6. Used on single conductors, twisted pairs, telephone cable and electrical wiring, a practical tool for service providers in network infrastructure installation, certification, and troubleshooting.

Application pictures

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Technical parameters

NF-811 Transmitter specification
Dual Tone frequency 0.6kHz 1.3kHz
Max. distance of transmission 2 kilometers
Max. working current 30mA
Compatible connectors RJ11, RJ45
Max. signal voltage 8Vp-p
Function display Led for Wiremap, Tone for trace
Voltage protection DC 60V
Battery Type DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22 ) x1pc
Dimension(LxWxD) 130*47*35mm
NF-811 Receiver specification
 Tone frequency 0.6~1.3kHz
The Max. working current 90mA
Earphone jack 1
Battery Type DC9.0VNEDA 1604/6F22 ) x1pc
Dimension(LxWxD) 180*45*30mm


Cable clips * 1set
Telephone cable adaptor * 1set
Network cable adaptor * 1 set
Earphone * 1 set
9V battary * 2 sets (if required) 
User manual * 1 set
Carry case * 1set
Gift box * 1 set 

Company Advantages

1. The production speed of NOYAFA best laser distance measurer is guaranteed by highly advanced production technology.

2. NOYAFA industrial robots is manufactured under improved production process and advanced production technology.

3. The production of NOYAFA optic patch cord adopts the highest standard for the selection of raw materials.

4. The appealing design of NOYAFA forming wire far exceeds the market average.

5. This product has high light color accuracy. It allows everything to look the same as its original color just like at daytime.

6. This product has a lot of potentials to be more convenient and aesthetically pleasing than the traditional lights such as energy efficiency.

7. Compared to the traditional lights, this product features a modern and sleek design, which enables it to fit the aesthetic standard of most applications.

8. This product is prominent in its impressively long service life, commonly rated to last 50, 000 hours or more while incandescent bulbs typically last only around 1,000 hours.

9. Most people who suffer from foot pain or plantar fasciitis say the product is useful for them. It helps people improve the wrong posture of shoe wearing, such as under or over pronation.

10. The soft and elastic product can effectively relieve the foot pain and offers support to the foot arch to reduce the irritation caused by plantar fasciitis.

11. The product gives people's feet external support and helps to redistribute the foot pressure, enabling people to be in the correct position of the biological force line.

12. After I start using this product, the symptoms that I used to have such as foot ache, bunion, and strephexopodia all disappear slowly. One of our customers say.

13. People who have worn it for more than a year say that the product is really helpful in odor reduction, sweat absorption, and bacteria elimination.

Company Features

SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has worked hard in fiber optic testing procedure industry for decades of years. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED is a fiber optic testing procedure product research and development company that has accumulated for many years of experience. SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED has made achievements in the field of fiber optic testing procedure.

Over the years, we have invested a lot in exploring the overseas fiber optic testing procedure markets. At present, we have accumulated rich customer resources all over the world, mainly in the USA, Southeast Asia, etc. We have a qualified project management team. They are able to provide a combination of development and manufacturing fiber optic testing procedure solutions to our clients and manage the delivery of high-quality products to customers. Our business is supported by a team of professional sales. Along with their years of experience in the fiber optic testing procedure industry, they are able to listen to our customers and respond to their needs in terms of bespoke and niche product ranges. We have a technical and skilled highly engaged workforce. They are all perfectionists, with a do or die attitude who holds us all to the highest standard throughout our operations. We have gained a considerable market share in overseas fiber optic testing procedure markets after years of active exploration. We have built strong customer bases in North America, Australia, and Southeast Asia.

To be a leading companies in fiber optic testing procedure industry is our mutual wish. fiber optic testing procedure is one of the reason that customers choose NOYAFA. Our consistent ambition of fiber optic testing procedure allows customers to experience our commitment to achieving value. The realization of the goal to be the leading fiber optic testing procedure supplier needs the efforts from each employee in NOYAFA.

Application of the Product

Our poe checker is widely used.

We strive to provide customers with efficient, complete, and flexible solutions based on their needs.

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