Cable Fault Tester Supplier Buying Guide

Cable Fault Tester Supplier Buying Guide


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Follow the Cable Fault Tester Supplier to Deeply Understand the Cable
Follow the Cable Fault Tester Supplier to Deeply Understand the Cable
The lead of the motor is not only related to the rated voltage of the motor and the open circuit voltage of the rotor of the wound rotor motor, but also directly related to the current carried by the motor winding and the actual service condition of the motor. The selection of lead specifications should first be determined according to the withstand voltage value. The cable has a withstand voltage range. This rule must be followed when selecting. Below, the supplier of cable fault tester will take you to have an in-depth understanding of cables. Select the lead of corresponding voltage level according to the voltage requirements of the motor. The voltage level of the lead shall not be lower than the rated voltage of the motor winding. For example, for 10kV and 380V motors of high-voltage motors, the voltage value of the cable is very different. In addition, besides the voltage and current requirements, the insulation grade of the cable of the motor lead is also very important. According to the insulation grades of class B and h, the insulation heat resistance of the motor is different, and the material of the insulation material is also different. It must be noted that if the class B lead is used in the class H insulated motor, the possibility of lead damage and ground fault is very high. The cable fault tester supplier interprets the provisions of motor lead in the national standard: 1. Determine its necessity according to needs. According to the standard, if the motor has a power cord, or in order to facilitate connection with other equipment, provide a guide cord extending out of the motor base and a plug connecting the power supply line if necessary, the cord and plug shall comply with the provisions of the relevant standards of the product or the relevant standards of such equipment. Especially for small motors, winding wires can be used to connect with equipment or terminal blocks, but for motors that must undergo relevant insulation treatment, soft wiring must be adopted, and the provisions of terminal blocks must be added. Unless grounding is not required, these flexible wire bundles must have grounding conductors. Leads (including ends) require different colors and markings. Most motor manufacturers use three-color leads for three-phase motors, and some motor manufacturers use labels to distinguish them. However, for grounding wires, they are adopted according to standards. 2. Voltage and current requirements. The standard stipulates that the rated voltage of the guide flexible cable must be under the maximum working voltage of the motor, and its load flow must be at least equal to the load current of the service factor or 125% of the full load rated current, whichever is the larger. The flexible cord insulation shall withstand the working frequency withstand voltage test of the circuit. 3. Protection requirements for leads. In addition, there are measures to eliminate the possible tension, or guide the flexible cable (power cord) not to expose the motor. An insulating protective layer and clamping device are set at the outgoing part of the flexible cable to prevent the external tension from being transmitted to the internal wiring and prevent accidents caused by the rotation and displacement of the flexible cable. 4. Limitations and insulation requirements. In addition to other protective measures, the introduction of flexible cables into the motor shall be prevented. The clamping device for clamping and fixing flexible cables is made of insulating material, made of metal material and requires insulating lining.
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