Configuration of Cable Fault Tester Buying Guide

Configuration of Cable Fault Tester Buying Guide


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Configuration and Management of Cable Fault Tester
Configuration and Management of Cable Fault Tester
With the development of the times, the use of electricity has also developed. Now electricity is everywhere around us. Electricity is transmitted to various places through cables, which provides great convenience for our life and work. Subsequently, the production of cables is becoming more and more perfect, and the types of instruments used to detect cables - cable fault tester are becoming more and more abundant. Today, let's talk about the configuration and management of cable fault tester. With the production scale, type and sales volume of cable manufacturers increasing year by year. As the cable fault is divided into high resistance value, low resistance value, broken line fault and composite fault, the cable fault tester sold on the market is generally configured in sets of high and low voltage, including many components and accessories. A set of equipment components are as few as 5-6 pieces and as many as 10-11 pieces. As a cable manufacturer, it is necessary to timely locate and deal with various cable faults in the factory production process to ensure the timely delivery of products; At the same time, it is also necessary to consider the location of sudden cable faults after the cable laying at the customer's site or during operation. Therefore, as a cable manufacturer, when purchasing the cable fault tester, it mostly adopts the complete set of high and low voltage procurement configuration. In case of direct buried cable fault location at the customer's site, the handling and transportation of the complete set of equipment must be transported by a special cable fault detection vehicle to ensure the quality of transportation. At present, the cable fault testers sold on the market are mainly divided into two categories. One is the cable fault tester designed based on the principle of echo method: mainly including intelligent waveform detection analyzer, conductor instrument and DC high-voltage generator, including console and DC dual-purpose high-voltage test transformer, electric container, ball gap, pointing instrument, etc. The other is a cable fault tester designed and manufactured according to the principle of electric bridge method: the components mainly include fault locator, capacitor, ball gap, pointing instrument, etc. The above two instruments for detecting cable faults are both coarse side positioning part and accurate positioning part of cable faults. When used at the production site and customer service site, the cable fault tester often needs frequent transportation or long-distance transportation. In order to ensure the normal transportation and use of cable fault tester, the daily maintenance and management of cable fault tester is particularly important. At the same time, the actual use frequency of cable fault tester is not high. Therefore, the probability of equipment failure during transportation is not very high. Optical cable fault detector is a kind of precision and valuable equipment. In order to ensure the integrity of the actual use of the equipment, as a cable manufacturer who purchases and uses the cable fault tester, the actual use of the cable fault tester must be subject to daily maintenance and management, so as to give full play to its role at the critical moment of cable fault in production and customer site, Ensure timely delivery of products and rapid resolution of cable faults at customer site. The following suggestions are put forward for the daily maintenance and management of the cable fault tester: the user of the cable fault tester must receive professional training to ensure the safe use of the equipment and prevent damage and electric shock during the use of the equipment. Establish the equipment account for the use of cable fault tester, designate a special person for the use and management of cable fault tester, and have a proper fixed place for storage and management. Before using the cable fault tester every time, the quantity, integrity, user and service time of each component of the cable fault tester shall be strictly checked and recorded. File the equipment with a debit note. After the cable fault tester is returned to the factory or workshop for use, a secondary point inspection must be carried out. The number of points shall include the number of equipment and the number of all accessories. The integrity of the equipment shall be checked before acceptance. In case of equipment failure and missing accessories, it shall be handled in time, and the corresponding economic losses shall be investigated to ensure that the equipment is in good condition before use, And signed by the user and the manager for confirmation.
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