Guide to Buy Learn About Cable Fault Tester in NOYAFA

Guide to Buy Learn About Cable Fault Tester in NOYAFA


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In the manufacturing of Learn about cable fault tester, SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED always sticks to the principle of 'quality first'. We assign a high-efficient team to examine the incoming materials, which help reduce the quality issues from the very beginning. During each phase of production, our workers carry out detailed quality control methods to remove the defective products.When promoting NOYAFA brand, we stay in constant contact with potential and existing customers. We continuously keep our content fresh by publishing a blog that reports the latest business news and hot topics within the industry. We provide fresh content that will help our website be found in search engines. So customers will always keep in touch with us.Through Best Cable Tester Supplier in China _ Noyafa, we focus on the total customer experience to help grow brands with quality products, such as Learn about cable fault tester. Fast and efficient turnaround times are guaranteed for both small and large production runs.
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How Much Do You Know About the Cable Fault Tester
How Much Do You Know About the Cable Fault Tester
In recent years, China's computer technology and electronic technology are developing rapidly, so the product performance of many industries has been continuously improved. The cable fault tester is also like this. Its functions are more reliable and rich, and its service life has been improved to a certain extent. Today we are going to talk about the new highlights of the cable fault detector. 1、 New intelligent modules are added to the cable fault test: new sensors such as optical fiber sensors, polymer sensors and biosensors continue to appear and will develop rapidly. 2、 The emergence of new cable fault test fieldbus structure: expand the self diagnosis function of cable fault test instrument and facilitate maintenance. The connection of cable test system is more reliable and simple. Therefore, the installation cost is greatly reduced and the control scale is variable. 3、 Function integration of electronic cable test system: it is more closely combined with computer, power electronic devices and strong current control, and the continuous control and intermittent control are used at the same time. In the selection of cable fault tester, such products can be scientifically selected according to the cable characteristics of their industry, and the most suitable tester combination can be selected, which can greatly improve the work efficiency and avoid unnecessary waste of funds. At present, the cable fault testers used by power departments are basically designed and produced based on the principle of impulse flash method; In terms of its principle, it is most appropriate to solve the high resistance leakage and high resistance flashover faults. At this time, when the fault point is discharged, the voltage is high and the sound is loud, so it is easy to point on the ground. At present, there is only one solution in the world, but such faults are not very common. Use advantages: 1. Complete functions, safe, rapid and accurate test failure. 2. The instrument adopts low-voltage pulse method and high-voltage flashover method to detect various cable faults. It can directly test the flashover and high resistance faults of power cables without burning through. If equipped with a sound point meter, the position of the fault point can be measured accurately. 2. High test accuracy. The instrument adopts high-speed data sampling technology, with reading resolution of 1m and high intelligence. The test results are automatically displayed on the large screen LCD with small and data, and the fault judgment is intuitive. It is also equipped with menu display operation function, without special training for operators. 3. It has the functions of wave opening, parameter storage and call out. Nonvolatile devices are adopted, and the waveform and data are not volatile after shutdown. 4. With dual trace display function. The test waveform of the fault cable fault tester can be compared with the normal waveform, which is conducive to further judgment of the fault. 5. With waveform scaling function. Changing the waveform proportion can expand the waveform for accurate test. 6. Control the measurement cursor to automatically search along the line and stop automatically at the inflection point of the fault waveform. 7. The position of the double cursor can be changed arbitrarily to directly display the direct distance or relative distance between the fault point and the test point. 8. With printing function. Print and archive the test results.
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