Guide to Shop Cable Fault Test Procedure in NOYAFA

Guide to Shop Cable Fault Test Procedure in NOYAFA


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Cable Fault Test Procedure
Cable Fault Test Procedure
When using cable fault tester (echo method) to test cable fault, the following procedures shall be followed: â‘´ multimeter, megger or judge the nature of cable fault from the cable pre-test results. (2) select the appropriate test method according to the nature of cable fault: the pulse method is best used for low resistance fault and open circuit fault. Of course, the flashover method can also be used for low resistance fault. Flashover method (impulse l method) is best used for leakage high resistance fault, and direct flashover method can also be used for some leakage high resistance faults, but this is usually not done. Direct flashover method is best used for flashover high resistance fault, or both methods can be used to measure and compare each other to improve the accuracy of judgment. (3) select the working grounding point, and lead out two grounding wires respectively from the selected grounding point, one to the ground of the instrument and the other to the ground of the high-voltage equipment. The selection principle of working ground wire is to ensure that the test phase and it form a closed loop, so that the instrument can obtain the correct test waveform. It should also be noted that the working ground wire must be connected with the system to make the human, instrument ground, high-voltage equipment ground and the tested cable ground in the same position. To ensure personal safety and integrity of instruments and equipment. If the cable is in phase to phase fault, the working ground wire must be one of the phase wires, and the phase wire as the ground wire must be connected with the system ground. For the cable with lead-free bushing, most of the faults are discharged to the earth or space during the high-voltage flashover test. Theoretically, the fault also forms a closed loop relatively to ground or space, but in fact, the equivalent impedance in the loop is quite large, so the correct test waveform can not be obtained on the instrument. In case of this situation during the test, the method of directly fixing the suspicious fault point can be adopted to solve it. No matter what ground wire, its grounding point must be reliable. (4) test the total length of the cable with the pulse method to calibrate the radio wave transmission speed of the tested cable. (5) rough test the fault point according to the selected test method. (6) fix the fault point after rough measurement.
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