Guide to Shop Handheld Cable Tester in NOYAFA

Guide to Shop Handheld Cable Tester in NOYAFA


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The team of in-house designers responsible for Handheld Cable Tester and suchlike products in our company - SHENZHEN NOYAFA ELECTRONIC CO.,LIMITED are leading experts in this industry. Our design approach begins with research – we will conduct a deep dive of goals and objectives, who will use the product, and who makes the purchasing decision. And we leverage our industry experience to create the product.There is an increasing number of customers speaking highly of the NOYAFA products. Our products are not only noted for their high performance, but also come with competitive price. With that, they have brought endless compliments from customers. According to the feedback received through online media, they have brought surprising interests increase and attracted constant cooperation partners. Each product here is a real profit maker.With a complete distribution network, we can deliver the goods in an efficient way, fully satisfying the needs of customers in the worldwide. At Best Cable Tester Supplier in China _ Noyafa, we can also customize the products including Handheld Cable Tester with unique attractive appearances and various specifications.
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Brief Introduction of Intelligent Handheld Cable Tester
Brief Introduction of Intelligent Handheld Cable Tester
Intelligent handheld cable tester Handheld cable tester generally adopts pulse reflection method. Judge the fault point according to the returned waveform. The waveform returned during each test will be different due to some external reasons. Therefore, the requirements for the working experience of users are relatively high. In view of this situation, TFN launched an intelligent handheld cable fault tester. The intelligent handheld cable fault tester is equipped with AGC (digital gain automatic control) system; Digital waveform automatic recognition technology; ARM CPU with FPGA technology. The machine automatically recognizes the waveform and judges the fault point. There is also waveform comparison function, which can make you learn waveform recognition faster. Instrument introduction: D131 series cable fault obstruction intelligent rangefinder is suitable for automatically measuring the precise position of core wire obstacles such as broken wire, mixed wire and ground gas of power cable and communication cable. The d131 series is characterized in that it can automatically test many typical faults. The specific features are as follows: 1) DAGC (digital gain automatic control) system: digitally adjustable gain. Eliminate the waveform distortion of the original instrument of the same type due to the potentiometer knob. It can also be used for pure linear adjustment, which is conducive to manual testing. 2) Digital waveform automatic recognition technology: rely on the machine to automatically recognize the waveform that is difficult to judge manually. 3) Using ARM CPU and FPGA technology, it can quickly carry out various complex operations and accurately judge the fault waveform. 4) Waveform comparison function is convenient to compare the test waveforms of fault line and normal line, and clearly locate the fault point. 5) Large screen color LCD display, humanized interface menu design, fast digital buttons, convenient for users to operate. 6) High energy lithium battery can be used for up to ten hours (charging with a special charger). 7) Wave speed memory, power on after power off, and the wave speed is automatically set to the wave speed at the last power off. fqj    
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During 15 years development, Noyafa has become the most famous brand in cable testing industry in China. With excellent production capability, reliable quality, good after-sales service, we get good reputation from customers all over the world.
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