Power Cable Routing Instrument Manufacturers Buying Guide

Power Cable Routing Instrument Manufacturers Buying Guide


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Dry Goods Sharing Brought by Power Cable Pathfinder Manufacturers
Dry Goods Sharing Brought by Power Cable Pathfinder Manufacturers
It is generally believed that wear and aging caused by daily time accumulation and sudden faults caused by external factors will affect the use of cables. Both of them will cause fault trip, interrupt power supply operation, and cause power grid paralysis in serious cases. Among these factors, the time accumulation factor can be controlled artificially, resulting in a very small probability of failure, while the external environmental meteorological factors can not be controlled, resulting in a very high probability of failure and great destructive power. Below, the manufacturer of power cable Pathfinder summarizes this problem. 1、 Lightning strike power cable Pathfinder manufacturers believe that lightning weather is common in rainy season and has great randomness. A large number of transmission lines erected in the field have the characteristics of large tower span and large height difference, which makes the lightning resistance level of the line relatively poor and vulnerable to lightning. In harsh terrain, there are many single circuit lines, and there is no shielding and shunt protection provided by parallel lines, which increases the incidence of lightning accidents. Lightning trip accounts for the largest proportion of transmission line faults, and the lower the voltage level, the higher the probability of lightning fault. In order to reduce the probability of lightning accidents on transmission lines, it is necessary to prevent flashover, arc building, direct strike and line interruption. The following protective measures shall be taken: 1. Erect lightning conductor. 2. Add coupling ground wire. 3. Reduce the impact grounding resistance of iron tower. 4. Neutral point indirect grounding system is adopted. 5. Strengthen the line insulation level. 6. Automatic reclosing shall be installed. 7. Install tubular lightning arrester. 2、 Typhoon weather is accompanied by strong wind and rainstorm, and accidents such as conductor galloping, wind deviation, line breaking and tower falling will occur on the transmission line. Broken lines and inverted towers are prone to North-South disconnection. With the increase of the designed wind speed of the power system on the transmission line, the probability of line breaking and tower falling accidents decreases, but the probability of accidents caused by violent swing of conductors, wind bias discharge and damage of floating objects is high. For the vibration lines with low wind speed, most of the lines can be controlled by installing anti vibration devices. In case of strong wind speed, the following measures can be taken: 1. Add anti vibration hammer and heavy hammer device to increase the vertical load carrying capacity of the transmission line and reduce the left and right swing amplitude of the line. 2. Install damping wires and armour rods, increase the number of split wires, strengthen conductors, and ensure the safe distance between conductors and iron tower. 3. The suspension mode of V-shaped insulator string is adopted to enhance the insulator resistance to lateral drift with the wind and reduce the wind deflection swing angle of insulator string. 4. When designing tower type and erecting transmission line, it is considered to leave a large distance between conductors, move down the hanging point, or lengthen and widen the cross arm. 3、 Mountain fire is caused by high temperature, human factors and other factors, which makes the air in the state of high temperature and low humidity for a long time. It is located in the mountainous terrain, between the transmission line crossing forest vegetation and the earth or between phase lines. Due to the rise of thermal dissociation of air particles, the increase of charged charge and the acceleration of particle movement The occurrence of line flashover tripping due to the formation of conductive channel accounts for 90%%uff0c of mountain fire tripping, which is the main cause of mountain fire tripping. It also includes the burning of line insulation at high temperature and the discharge of conductor to tower. In view of the mountain fire phenomenon, we should start with the fire prevention measures to reduce the incidence of mountain fire: 1. Control the height, quantity and type of trees near the tower base. 2. Emergency response measures shall be established, and safety passages with sufficient length and width shall be reserved. 3. The line protection system is reliable and sensitive. 4. Establish a real-time monitoring system and improve the monitoring effect; ⑤ Increase line inspection and eliminate hidden dangers by season, time period and weather conditions.
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