What Is High-voltage Cable Fault Tester?

What Is High-voltage Cable Fault Tester?


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Working Principle of High Voltage Cable Fault Tester
Working Principle of High Voltage Cable Fault Tester
The working principle of high voltage cable fault tester is introduced. The product is also known as cable fault tester, high voltage cable fault tester, cable fault tester, point tester, path tester, cable fault Pathfinder, cable fault tracker, portable cable fault positioning system, cable fault flash tester, cable fault point tester and cable path tester, Smooth wired communication and power transmission depend on the normal operation of cable lines. Once the line is blocked, it will cause the communication to find out the fault in time and eliminate it quickly, which will cause great economic losses and poor social impact. Therefore, the cable fault tester is an important tool to maintain all kinds of cables. The cable fault intelligent tester adopts a variety of fault detection methods, applies contemporary * advanced electronic technology achievements and devices, adopts computer technology and special electronic technology, and combines the company's long-term successful experience in developing cable tester. It is a new high-tech, intelligent and fully functional product. Dear customers: the company also has cable fault detector, underground cable fault tester, cable fault locator and other products. You can call the company's service phone through the web page to learn more product details. Perfect and beautiful service is our pursuit. New and old customers are welcome to buy their favorite products at ease. We will serve you wholeheartedly!
Application Method of High Voltage Cable Fault Tester
Application Method of High Voltage Cable Fault Tester
High voltage cable fault tester can detect all kinds of common faults of various wires and cables, and can accurately locate the common fault point within 0.5m. In addition, common fault analysis and basic detection can also be carried out for coaxial output communication cable, local call cable and frequency conversion cable, and the total length of unknown cable can also be reviewed. High voltage cable fault tester is a comprehensive cable fault detection instrument. It can detect common faults such as high resistance flashover of cable, grounding device of high and low inductive load, short circuit fault, disconnection and looseness of cable. If equipped with point instrument specified by acoustic measurement Law, it can accurately measure the position of common fault point. It is very suitable for testing wires, cables and power cables with various models, specifications and different levels of working voltage. The high-voltage cable fault tester complies with the plan of industrial production power enterprises and the rapid development trend in the IT period, and professionalizes the limitations of the original cable fault tester with industrial automation embedded electronic computer service platform system software, Internet service business process and USB communication technology, It has greatly improved the application function and value of instruments and equipment, as well as the convenient and fast actual operation in the natural environment on the spot. The high voltage cable fault tester adopts the basic principle of time domain reflector (TDR) to accurately measure the distance between cable faults. For the common faults of low resistance and lead, the instrument and equipment send a series of electric sparks to the tested cable. The cable with common faults will cause a reflector data signal at the common fault point (if there is no cable fault, the reflector is the total length of the cable); For common faults with high resistance, add an impulse DC negative high voltage to the cable line to cause single pulse on the reflecting surface at the common fault point. According to the time difference between sending single pulse and reflecting surface single pulse and the rapid propagation of electromagnetic wave in cable, the distance between detection ends after common fault points can be measured as: S = VT / 2, where: s means the distance between detection ends after common fault points. Action characteristics of high voltage cable fault tester: 1. It can test various common fault types of high and low characteristic impedance; 2. It integrates the functions of common fault point spacing detection and accurate positioning; 3. Notebook display, liquid crystal display, Lai single type actual operation; 4. Difficult problems and common faults of single pulse wave pattern comparative analysis method. 5. Have the function of wave type and data storage and copying; 6. Have a variety of test standards, such as bottom voltage single pulse method, impulse high piezoelectric flow sampling method, DC high voltage power supply flashover method, etc; 7. It can inspect all kinds of buried cables, overhead cables, wires and cables, local communication cables, communication cables and optical cables. The high-voltage cable fault tester adopts the box structure and the touch screen operation panel. All functional keys visually display information on the display screen. Customers can immediately operate according to the touch screen. It has the function of wave pattern storage, and can store a lot of on-site detection wave patterns for observation and comparison at any time and on the same station. The detection page is simple and clear, the function key definition is simple and clear, and the measurement method is simple and convenient.
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