What Is High Voltage Power Cable?

What Is High Voltage Power Cable?


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What Are the Places Where High Voltage Power Cables Are Most Prone to Failure
What Are the Places Where High Voltage Power Cables Are Most Prone to Failure
We all know that the cable needs to pass the test when it is officially put into the mall. However, the functions and methods of different cable tests are also different. The test method of high-voltage power cable is flicker method. Flicker method includes impulse flash and direct flash. Impulse flash method is also the most commonly used test method. Due to the high precision of impulse flash test, its operation is simple, safe and reliable. The equipment of flicker method is composed of two parts. The high-voltage attack equipment is used to generate DC high voltage or impulse high voltage, which will be applied to the faulty high-voltage power cable. The discharge at the fault point will produce a reflected signal. The current pulse meter is used to pick up the fault interval of the reflected signal, measure some faults such as open circuit, short circuit or low resistance. Fault resistance is also the place where faults are most likely to occur. Based on this measurement method. (1) When the resistance at the fault point is immeasurable, the open circuit fault can be quickly found by measuring with low-voltage pulse method. Simple open circuit faults are not often seen. Open circuit faults are phase to ground or phase to phase high resistance faults, and phase to phase or phase to phase low resistance faults exist together. (2) When the resistance of the defect point is greater than zero and less than 150 kiloohm, the cause of the low resistance problem can be found at will by measuring with the low-voltage pulse method. (3) When the resistance at the fault point is equal to zero, the defect of measuring short circuit by low-voltage pulse method can be found, but this problem is rarely encountered. (4) Flashover defects can be measured by direct flashover method. This problem is usually caused by questionable joints. When the resistance of the fault point is greater than 150 kiloohm, the value changes greatly, so it is very uncertain during measurement. The measured interval is the interval from the fault point to the cable test end; Otherwise, it is the interval from the fault point to the opposite end of the cable test. (5) With the progress of high-voltage power cable fault test skills, different methods should be used for different power cables. We should constantly improve skills and equipment. This allows the safe use of high-voltage cable power for a long time.
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