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CCTV Tester14

Length Type:
RJ45, BNC Cable
Wiremap Type:
RJ45, BNC Cable
7.4v 5000mA Lithium battery
Main Function:
Analog & CVBS & TVI & CVI & IP & AHD Signal
Other Function:
POE & PING testing
Tracking Type:
RJ45, BNC and Metal Cable
Place of Origin:
Model Number:
Brand Name:
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    Main features: 

    1.Fully compatible with AHD, TVI, CVI digital high-definition video images.

    2.IP address scanning function for quick search of IP address of network camera.

    3.Support ONVIF network camera image display and parameter modification.

    4.Built-in CVBS color bar output function which can be used to test debugging monitor.

    5.CVBS display, zoom, video recording and photo taking of NTSC/PAL analog video images.

    6.Multifunction Cable testing: track cable/ length measurement/ continuity testing.

    7.POE voltage test for testing POE switch power supply status.

    8.PING function for testing target IP address network connection status.

    9.10/100M Ethernet interface, built-in 150M WIFI wireless function.

    10.Support H264/MPEG4/MJPEG format network camera test and maximum resolution of 1080P.

    11.Support PELCO-P, PELCO-D, SAMSUNG and other 20 kinds of PTZ control protocols.


    1.7-inch full-view IPS display, 800 × 480 high-definition resolution, PPI is up to 216.

    2.Adjustable display back-light brightness is up to 500cd, display contrast ratio is 800:1 .

    3.G+G structure capacitive touch screen is adopted for its solidity, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and high light transmission.

    4.High definition hardware decoder is adopted to smoothly display high-definition video images in real time.

    5.Support high-definition video image real-time zoom.

    6.Internal SD card with 4G storage space and external replaceable Micro SD card.

    7.POE 48V/24W standard power supply output for POE camera power supply.

    8.Built-in cable module, for wire mapping, tracing and measuring length of network cable, telephone line and coaxial lines.

    9.DC 12V/2A power supply output for PTZ and any cameras with self-recovery short circuit protection.

    10.Audio input test and recording for test of audio signal.

    11.7.4V 5000 mAh high-capacity polymer lithium battery, which can be used continuously for 12 hours after a charge of 5 hours.

    Application pictures

    Technical parameters

     Product model


     Touch screen

     7-inch G+G structure capacitive screen

     LCD screen

     7-inch 800×480resolution  IPS high-definition full view display

     Ethernet port

     10/100M adaptive


     Built-in wireless WIFI, speed 150M

     IP monitoring test

     ONVIF tool. Support mobile client installation, support maximum 1920×1080resolution, real time browsing without delay.

     CVBS simulation monitoring test

     1-way CVBS analog input, support PAL/NTSC standard adaptive

     Digital HD monitoring test

     Fully compatible with AHD, TVI, CVI digital high-definition signal input

     Video image zoom

     Zoom in real-time mobile high-definition video images

     Photograph, video recording, playback

     All video images support picture taking and video recording. Support MP4 encoding storage

     Cable test

     Support cable continuity, cable tracing and cable length test for network cable, telephone line and coaxial cable

     Audio test

     Current audio input signal can be played

     PTZ control

     Support Pelco-D/P, Samsung, Panasonic and other 20 kinds of protocols

     Color bar generator

     Send PAL/NTSC color pattern bar

     12V DC power output

     12V DC output, maximum current 2A, temporary camera power supply

     POE power output

     48V standard POE output for POE camera power supply

     RS485 serial port tool

     Accept and send arbitrary data or hexadecimal data

     PSE voltage test

     Displays POE power supply voltage and line conditions

     5V DC output

     Provide temporary power to USB powered camera or provide mobile phone emergency power supply, maximum 2A


     DC 12V/2A


     Built-in 7.4V polymer lithium battery with capacity of 5000mAh for 8-16 hours’ use


     Chinese, English

     Internal SD storage space


     Working temperature

     -10°C - + 50°C

     Working humidity

     30% - 90%


     290 x 140 x 40 mm




    DC5V 1A charging adaptor x1pcs
    BNC cable x1pcs
    Audio cable x1pcs
    RS485 data cable x1pcs
    Camera Power cable x1pcs
    Pendent rope x1pcs
    Remote x1pcs
    Receiver x1pcs
    User manual 
    Gift box x1pcs
    Carry bag x1pcs
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