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CCTV Tester17 1
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CCTV Tester17

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    1. 3.5 TFT-LCD , 960(H)×240(V)resolution, 262K.
    2. 2 kinds of language: Chinese and English can be slected.
    3. Video Level testing, video signals measured in IRE or Mv.
    4. Audio input testing and PTZ continuing rotate test.
    5. Digital multimeter, voltage, current, resistance and capacitance can be tested, continuity testing, diode testing. 
    6. PTZ control. Pan/tilts the P/T unit, zooms in/out the lens, adjusts the focus, aperture and sets and calls the preset position. 
    7. Video displaying. Automatically adapts and displays the video format of NTSC/PAL.        
    8. Video Generating, The PAL/NTSC multi-system color bar video generator
    9. High precision digital multimeter function.
    10. Check open,short,cross reverse wiremap for RJ45 and BNC cable.
    11. Trace and locate RJ45 BNC and other metal cables.


    1. Pls check the power supply accessories good or not before you connect the power,and check other relative accessories carefully.                                                                                                                                  

    2.Don’t use the tester where the humidity is high. Once the tester is damp, power off immediately, pls move away other cables connected.                                                                                                                               

    3. The tester should not be used in the environment with the flammable gas.                                                                                                            

    4. Do not disassembly the instrument since no component inside can be repaired by the user. If the disassembly is necessary indeed, please contact with the technician of our company. 

    5. Don’t touch the tester with wet hands or waterish things.


    Application pictures

    CCTV Tester17 5


    Technical parameters



     LCD Screen

     3.5" LCD Screen

     Audio signal input

     Microphone or other audio devices

     Audio signal input

     White, blue, purple, green, yellow, black, red

     Baud Rates


     Vedio format


     Vedio output

     CVBS/ Analog signal


     20 kinds:PELCO-D/P,SAMSUNG,ect, customised






     bulit-in 3.7V Li-battery , detachable

     Working time

     18hs for continous working

     Working temperature


     working humidity



     DC5V 1A charging adaptor, BNC cable, audio cable, RS485 data cable, Camera Power cable, pendent rope, remote , receiver, user manual, giftbox , carry bag



    DC5V 1A charging adaptor x1pcs
    BNC cable x1pcs
    Audio cable x1pcs
    RS485 data cable x1pcs
    Camera Power cable x1pcs
    Pendent rope x1pcs
    Romote x1pcs
    Receiver x1pcs
    User manual
    Gift box x1pcs
    Carry bag x1pcs
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